To Miss C.... Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Thy glance is the brightestA
Thy voice is the sweetestA
Thy step is the lightestA
Thy shape the completestA
Thy waist I could span dearB
Thy neck's like a swan's dearB
And roses the sweetestA
On thy cheeks do appearB
The music of SpringC
Is the voice of my charmerD
When the nightingales singC
She's as sweet who would harm herD
Where the snowdrop or lily liesE
They show her face but her eyesE
Are the dark clouds yet warmerD
From which the quick lightning fliesE
O'er the face of my charmerD
Her faith is the snowdropF
So pure on its stemG
And love in her bosomH
She wears as a gemG
She is young as Spring flowersI
And sweet as May showersI
Swelling the clover buds and bending the stemG
She's the sweetest of blossoms she love's favourite gemG

John Clare


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