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tgmurta: John Clare at his most descriptive ....

rottennjelly: John Boyega : I hate racists Every single person in his replies for no damn reason :

NMalliotakis: Our next “Drive by Food Drive” will be at St. Clare’s Church this Friday from 3-5pm

MissManhattanNY: The next Miss Manhattan in Exile is upon us! Join us on Monday, June 1 at 7:30pm on IGTV (

starlightzoya: authors im fighting in a mcdonalds car park : 1. jk rowling (obvs) 2. m*ggie st*efvater 3. cassie clare 4. neil gaiman 5. hanya yanagihara 6. john green (+hank by proxy) 7. becky albertalli 8. sjm lol 9. naomi novik 10. donna tartt (i love her but her fans make me SICK)

Adrian_Dalby: Lewis S2/E2: Music to Die For 2/3/08 Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Clare Holman, Rebecca Front, Rachael Blake, Tom Goodman-Hill, Cheryl Campbell, Niall Buggy, Ben Batt, Bradley James, Joanna Christie, Paul Venables, Andrew Knott, Hosh Kane, John Salthouse, Erich Redman ITV3 8pm

sapphosfriend: day 13 : edith craig theatre director, producer, costume designer and early pioneer of the women's suffrage movement she lived in a ménage à trois with dramatist christabel marshall (chris st john) and artist clare "tony" atwood (both seen in 3 with edith)

PresteigneArts: 4th issue of Lugg (lockdown) Blogg is up. Intro & music recommendations by Pete, contributions by Alex Ramsay, Baldwin & Guggisberg, Mark Williams, Clare Stevens, Sara Bamford, Kay Foreman, Ian Marchant, John Hymas, Sabina Ruber & MBA. Plus lip syncs

dfyngrvty: Are flowers the winter’s choice? Is love’s bed always snow? She seemed to hear my silent voice, Not love's appeals to know. John Clare (First Love, 1820)

Juxta_Press: This is an absolute steal. It's a wonderful book about John Clare, the sculptor Jacob Epstein, about hovering on the edge of loss, and of course lots of trees

stclarechurch: Fr Cosgrove's Memorial Day Update

tmurphyNZ: Todd Muller just said on Morning Report that National's 'consistent' policy had been that it can see a future where Maori seats won't be there. But didn't John Key throw that policy overboard and accept the seats would remain?

emmaruthwilson: john clare is incredibly underrated!

John_D_Clare: This is...[trails off]. Is florida just overrun with olive gardens?

John_D_Clare: (source, I guess

MDMArchive: Ticket Apollo, 25th November 1982. Clare McGovern says: "John Denver at the Apollo!"

typode: I'm obsessed with poems that attempt to render the blurred, murky, and half-seen—like this poem by John Clare (1793 – 1864):

RamOrigami: John Clare

Kim_M_AZ: Rudimental - Not Giving In (Ft. John Newman & Alex Clare) (Phaeleh Remix)

christiaan_may: • “I found the poems in the fields And only wrote them down.” • ~ John Clare

Gavin_Clare: Hi John, you kindly sang at my wedding 15 years ago today at the Cedar House Hotel in Cobham! Just wanted to say a belated thank you for making our day so extra special! Hope this finds you safe and well. Gavin and Leanne x

rarissimaaviss: “Such is the power of love: it embraces, and unites, and fastens together not only those who are present and near, and visible, but also those who are distant. Neither time, nor distance can break up and divide in pieces the affection of the soul” – St John Chrysostom.

kjavadizadeh: John Clare, those last six lines, like a miniature Paradise Lost all on their own.

JoshuaJBlackman: Maybe Biden is so far gone that he believes himself to be Obama, much like John Clare was convinced that he was in fact Lord Byron.

smalcomson: And maybe zero tolerance for a variety of views on China? I hope the ghosts of Clare Luce and John Service are not stirring.

Fcqueenspark: LAST BIG PUSH HOME!!! Land's End to John O'Groats to Wrexham all 1363 miles. Another 67 miles off the total.

coletteduggan2: John you do not know the ‘power’ you have , well done , Our Clare Hero !

AlaniPoe: Not Giving In - Rudimental x Alex Clare x John Newman

Aliceundo: Me too!!! Singing ringing tree for sure, all nature . . . goat included . . . has a feeling . . . woods, fields, brooks . . . total reliance . . . connections that supplant and surpass understandings . . .apologies to John Clare . . .

carry_akroyd: A topical rainbow from my 2011 lithograph series "Found in the Fields" with extracts from John Clare. This one reads: "The rainbows brightest on the blackest cloud"

blueeminng: John Clare - I Am

jencruzb: Hi all, I am starting at Boise State University this fall and have support for a Masters student in raptor conservation, starting fall 2020. Applications due June 12. See:

LetsfixthisNZ: Simon Bridges loses National Leadership to Loaf of White Bread. A white stale pale male in the mould of John Key advocate for the rich farmer and property flipping Boomer meritocracy ex Fonterror (White Gold exec)

Planet_Pedro: My poem published in journal of John Clare Society.

JohnClarePri: What a great idea made by one of our children ' wear your uniform at home day' to raise money for the N.H.S. I can always count on our children at John Clare to TAKE CARE. Missing you all. Mrs.Simmons

MelanieJaxn: The frog half fearful jumps across the path, And little mouse that leaves its hole at eve Nimbles with timid dread beneath the swath; My rustling steps awhile their joys deceive... - John Clare

arrowheadbands: Congrats to our 2020 John Philip Sousa Award recipient Clare Fitzgerald!

lvstories1: I want to be one of these old-timey writers who got locked up in an asylum for years and years but were allowed to roam the pleasant grounds and write. Looking at you, John Clare and Robert Walser.

crysb: Next read is 'The Overstory' by Richard Powers, while also appropriately revisiting the poetry of the great "peasant poet" John Clare.

ClareEcho: Left wing to fill on Clare's greatest soccer team. Sean Lindsey (Newtown) John O'Brien (Mountshannon Celtic) Kieran Ryan (Avenue Utd) Kieran Collins (Newmarket Celtic) Bryan Donnellan (Kilkishen Celtic) Kieran Mahony (Newmarket Celtic) VOTE:

orphelix: first love —john clare (her to his)

HWarlow: From a site I’ve not heard of before but an artist I have posted many times, and have a book about the poet John Clare by her ( it’s a stunning book) Carry Akroyd ‘Heron Disturbed’ artistsfornature,com.

carry_akroyd: 200 years ago this week John Clare had his first book published, which flung him to fame but not fortune. A new design for the John Clare Society newsletter to mark the event.

RADIOEFFEITALIA: Rudimental - Not Giving In (Feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

Motherbookablog: Today is the anniversary of John Clare's death. He might not be the most celebrated Romantic poet but I've always enjoyed his poems. I've always loved the way he talked about nature and his childhood. It always…

John_D_Clare: good paper--co-occurrence (and I would also presume other measures of overlap across space/time/size/diet, etc.) provides useful info, but interpreting the meaning can be challenging:

Ireland1911: John Mc Inerney, an 11 year old Catholic Church scholar from Kilbaha South, Kilballyowen, Clare. Speaks English only.

samrat747: Watch "I Am by John Clare - Poetry Reading" on YouTube -

jmasseypoet: English poet John Clare died on this day in 1864. He was the child of illiterate farmers and an autodidact. He roamed the fields and "wrote them down." "I Am" was written while he was locked in an asylum, where he spent the last 20 years of his life.

UICPharm: In response to the current pandemic, John Plachetka, BS ’76, PharmD, and his wife Clare, are generously providing 50 scholarships over the next year to students who are facing immediate financial hardships. Learn more about their extraordinary gift:

XiaoXMaVictoria: 20 May 1864, John Clare

hannahrosewoods: Find me a more savage literary parody than John Clare taking the piss out of Wordsworth in 1821 using nothing but enjambment

mrmickwines: John Rozentals has written a great article about the Clare Valley. Mr. Mick and Tim Adams feature.

intifada: Netanyahu says ICC is “a strategic threat to Israel” and preventing an investigation is one of his top priorities

PoetryG2020: The Thrush’s Nest by John Clare. Read by Sue from Poole, Dorset

EllieLevenson: You wait eight weeks for a John Clare nature poem to come along then two come along at once. Bumbarrel’s Nest yesterday, The Thrush’s Nest today.

Truefast: John Clare (13 July 1793 – 20 May 1864) "O Langley Bush the shepherds sacred shade ... What truth the story of the swain alows That tells of honours which thy young days knew Of 'langley court' being kept beneath thy boughs..."

NDFprincipal: Even though we couldn’t celebrate them in person, congrats to Clare Tesky and John Fassett who were ND’s recipients of the SWC Leadership Award. Great work!

ClareEcho: Voting continue for Clare's greatest soccer team. Who lines out between the posts? Johnnie Purtill (Avenue Utd) Radu Sulc (Newtown/Avenue Utd) Barry Ryan (Avenue Utd) John Healy (Avenue Utd) John Mulready (Bridge Utd) Shane Cusack (Newmarket Celtic) VOTE:

PeggyB63: Day 65: It wasn't just Wagner who had 'interesting' expectations of women. John Clare wrote this achingly sad poem while he was a resident of The Northamptonshire Asylum. (At least he was honest about what he had to offer, poor man...)

NekropoleENG: John Clare Poet, died 19.05.1864.

ChurchSociety: In today's edition of the Church Society podcast we're talking about amazing opportunities for youth work at the moment, as well as some of the challenges. And we have recommendations ranging from John Clare to Michael Hyatt!

BrightonHoveCC: Councillor Clare Moonan talks about Mental Health Awareness week and how this year’s theme of ‘kindness’ is so important at a time like this. ➡️ Read more:

PoetryG2020: Bumbarrel’s Nest by John Clare. Read by Jill from Hincaster, Cumbria

JohnClarePoetry: For more incredible readings of John Clare, this time by Toby Jones, visit "The Meeting" here:

GlobalTravelMgt: Industry leaders call for coronavirus measures to re-start business travel. Clive Wratten of the BTA and Heathrow's John Holland-Kaye have set out demands to ensure passenger confidence and safety on international flights.

Jawaher4277: I hid my love in field and town Till e’en the breeze would knock me down. The bees seemed singing ballad o’er The fly’s buzz turned a lion rear; And even silence found a tongue To haunt me all the summer long: The riddle nature could not prove By John Clare

kovesi1: John Clare, 'Anxiety', published January 1820, in his first book *Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery*:

NeillDuncan3: Peter Barton, Lee Hart, John Harfield Northwick Park Engineers/Estates/Plumbers take centre stage for once! You helped us plumb NxStage to ICU, generate a safe segregation/isolation area and a trolleyed dialysis area. Over Easter Sunday and since you have Made A Difference Thanks

eyeosphere: "The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows" was composed by Damon Albarn and inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. The project takes its name from the John Clare poem Love and Memory.

JohnFotopoulos_: 1 In today’s Orth gospel reading (John 4:5-42), many interpreters have assumed that the Samaritan woman drew water at noon to avoid other villagers b/c of her sinful life—she had 5 previous husbands & her current partner was not her husband. This interpretation is questionable.

RamOrigami: John Clare

WlNXCLUBOUTSOLD: I just peeped this bitch is named Clare St.Clair wtf that’s like being named John Johnson

JezzaTrev: He was president of the John Clare Society for 30 years and she’s been reading Clare to him over the phone and was obviously struck by these two verses of Clare’s poetry as she did so. She’s shared them with me and I’m sharing them with you: 2/4

wiljonheir: looking for mutuals, rt or like -Cassandra Clare -John Green -Kiera Cass -Krystal Sutherland

LissadellHouse: The sunshine bathes in clouds of many hues And morning's feet are gemmed with early dews John Clare

MonikaMaz1: I'm ashamed to say, it took me twenty-odd years of reading in English to discover John Clare and I am amazed!

DamonUnofficial: The title for “The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows” was taken from a John Clare poem entitled Love and Memory.

RamOrigami: John Clare

lilykbeckett: John Clare after the Enclosure Act of 1809:

notes_from_x: “The dew drop falls at morning hour When none are standing by And noiseless fades the broken flower So lovers in their silence die” John Clare

CatholicHerald: Today’s secular religion puts its trust in progress and ‘humanity’. The pandemic has cast these doctrines into doubt, says John Gray

ElvyCurious: Love John Clare, these are perfect illustrations for his work.

Lokster71: These look lovely. I've got John Clare on my 'must read more of' list.

NetoDurao: I am... Penny Dreadful John Clare "I am" [Legendado] [HD]

BrockLRC: May Poems - Pictures in May by John Clare                                                                                The sunshine bathes in clouds of many hues                                And morning’s feet are gemmed with early dews,  ...

SeamusMulconry: I read that one of these orcas is John Coe a well known visitor to West Clare...

CatholicHerald: A century after his birth, thank God for John Paul II, says Joanna Bogle

NPC_Indy: Sunday, May 17 Ruth Moore, preaching. John 14:15-23 & Psalm 66:8-20. John & Maureen Purcell will share a testimony. Debbie & Katie Bulloff, Time with Children. Music - Simon Lee Psalm 66 A Clare Benediction Join us for live streaming, 11 am!

Clare_Symons: John Hills's presentation, 'Doing practitioner research: A case study in the use of subjectivity and the self as a research instrument in theory building' is now available in our on demand service:

sr_petra_clare: The Literature of Pestilence | John V. Fleming | First Things

thespiralcity2: 付箋 John Clare… The roses steep'd in morning dews Holds every eye in thrall But woman she alone subdues Her beauty conquers all. Roses by John Clare

khalishanaura: Pic 1: City of Bones & City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare Pic 2: Looking for Alaska by John Green Pic 3: Soe Hok Gie Sekali Lagi Pic 4: Nemesis By Anna Banks

beckydellow: John Clare podcast - episode 3 is here!

Proto_Terran: Here every tree is strange to me All foreign things where ere I go —John Clare, ‘The Flitting’ (1833)

RuthArnold: My poem by a poet who knew the beauty of the wild, the neglected and unofficial - John Clare. I think this is beautiful.

SharonLathan: Underappreciated Poets: John Clare & Henry Kirke White, by Sharon Lathan, Novelist. 2 poets not appreciated in their time.

MunsterGAA: 1992 - The day I was a Clare football supporter

Solidtaire69: "I Am" Written in Northampton County Asylum by John Clare (read by Tom O...

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