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_Prinz_Ludwig: “Crowded places, I shunned them as noises too rude / And flew to the silence of sweet solitude.“ ~ John Clare

irelandbattles: John Philip Holland from Liscannor Co Clare, developed the first submarine to be commissioned by the US Navy & the Royal Navy. Within 40 days of his death in 1914, one German submarine, in less than one hour sank three British Light Cruisers, claiming 1,400 lives.

grangetheatre: Northwich Heritage | Tabley House and Park Wednesday 18th May - 8.00pm Clare Pye will talk to us about the house that was commissioned in 1760 by Sir Peter Byrne and designed and built by John Carr of York. £1.50 for non members payable on the door!

tin1tin1: Well said John Kiely calling out the Clare player for unsportsmanlike carryon

LastGolemMaster: John Doyle で The Rambler from Clare

TheFens3: John Clare poem about Crowland Abbey

MirrorSportIE: John Kiely slams 'two pundits talking nonsense' in remarkable outburst after Limerick's draw with Clare

ballsdotie: "The player basically just grabbed his stomach and has thrown himself down on the ground - there was no contact."

GMCC_Clare: Our quarterly economic survey is now live! By entering you are automatically entered into a draw to win a brand new iPad or one of five £50 John Lewis vouchers and the chance for your business to have a feature in the Chamber's main newsletter, The Brief.

ballsdotie: "There’s a narrative there at the moment that Gearóid is playing on the edge or doing x, y, or z, and it’s feeding into people’s decision-making. It needs to stop."

Live95Limerick: Hegarty was sent off in yesterday's Munster Championship draw with Clare.

thepmanofficial: Dublin Airport’s inability to deal with its current amount of passengers is no less than it deserves according to Clare councillors. “They wanted everything, they got everything and they can’t cater for it now,” - Cllr John Crowe (FG).

microbius: I have a further sonnet version from John Clare published in BBJ here:

BmillsBilly: Pages: My transposition of a sonnet by John Clare, from B...

The_PBS: Are you poet? Do you like poets? Come and hang out at our Dead Poets Salon and Open Mic. An opportunity to try out your work, of any kind of poetry, in a small and friendly environment and to hear readings of and about our Dead Poet of the month... John Clare.

MettaBhavana1: "You shouldn't have to raid your super to buy a home. And you won't have to under Labor." Jason Clare, Labor housing spokesperson.

SaltWireNetwork: ICYMI: The right place at the exact right time: Jimmy White found has found his heroes — Ren Holmbeg, a first-aid instructor with St. John Ambulance, and Dr. Vernie Kanagasabai, a gastroenterologist at St. Clare’s.

StJohnsTelegram: ICYMI: The right place at the exact right time: Jimmy White found has found his heroes — Ren Holmbeg, a first-aid instructor with St. John Ambulance, and Dr. Vernie Kanagasabai, a gastroenterologist at St. Clare’s.

OrgaRetro: A titanic tussle between neighbours Clare and Limerick earlier. Meanwhile Cork stun Waterford down in Walsh Park.

MsChrisTwit: How true she warped the moss to form a nest, And modelled it within with wood and clay; And by and by, like heath-bells gilt with dew, There lay her shining eggs, as bright as flowers, Ink-spotted over shells of greeny blue; John Clare The Thrush's Nest Pic Wikimedia P H Gosse

irelandbattles: Lt Eddie Byrne (Squad member) died in Bodyke Co Clare 14th Jan 1922 & was interestingly interred in the same plot as Dick McKee and Peadar Clancy. They were betrayed by John ‘Shankers’ Ryan, who Byrne shot dead 5 Feb 1921, using the gun that had belonged to his friend Dick McKee.

JohnClarePoetry: Andrew Kötting’s 2015 John Clare feature film *By Our Selves* - featuring the last film performance of the late great Freddie Jones - alongside his son Toby, Iain Sinclair, & Alan Moore, is now free on Amazon Prime:

JohnClarePoetry: Sneak peek of the artwork for the front cover of this year’s John Clare Society Journal, published on 13 July. James Ward sketch of a Wiltshire farm labourer, 1810.

GerBrowne4: Air Marshall Sir Harold John Maguire RAF from Co Clare, commanded No 229 Squadron from Sept 1939 - Sept 1940. He led it from Biggin Hill Kent, after it was re-equipped with Hurricanes, to cover the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk.

myhomeworkgeeks: First Love by John Clare

ablackbirdsang: Circular wall art featuring lines from John Clare's poem 'Summer'. Available in both 50cm and 100cm wall art.

BoltonVictorian: Patrick Stewart reads to Autumn by John Clare

ZOX4ETL: I loved thee, though I told thee no - John Clare

AthleticsWeekly: GB win 2 golds on Day 2 of European Masters Non Stadia Championships at Grosseto through the 5km titles of M70 John Skelton (19:37) and W55 Clare Elms (18:41) and 2 team medals - W55 silver and M65 bronze

culture_in_kent: Ghosts and Whispers Gulbenkian, Canterbury An extraordinary collaboration between composer John Woolrich, acclaimed pianist Clare Hammond and animators the Quay Brothers. (Read more...) Click on the link for details.

ExaminerSport: John Kiely makes one change to the Limerick team for Clare clash

MunsterGAA: John Kiely makes one change to the Limerick team for Clare clash

McBuddah: Rudimental - Not Giving In (ft. John Newman & Alex Clare) [Official Video]

AdamParkhomenko: Today Rand Paul blocked quick passage of a bill to provide Ukraine nearly $40 billion more in aid. Here is a reminder from Senator John McCain that Rand Paul works for Vladimir Putin. Retweet and pass it on far and wide.

B_Strawbridge: 'The timid hares throw daylight fears away On the lane’s road to dust and dance and play, Then dabble in the grain by naught deterred To lick the dew-fall from the barley’s beard;' From 'Hares at Play' by John Clare Painting: Hare Study: Cornfield at Dusk by Andrew Waddington

RamOrigami: John Clare

ClooneyQuinGAA: John Cahill, clubman and captain of the Clare minor hurling team who take on Tipperary this evening in the Munster Hurling Final gives his views on the game.

MunsterGAA: John Kiely sounds warning to Limerick hurlers ahead of Munster SHC clash with Clare

JoeCarroll17: Gaa refs playing for a draw drive me mad. Gave Clare 3 chances to equalise after time was up.

yannnnkboi: Caius, Clare, King's, St John's and Trinity:

FastRunning: Jake O’Regan from St John’s AC in Co Clare set a new course record of 14 mins 22 secs on his way to victory at the Bweeng 5km near Mallow in Co Cork on Sunday.

RiceCollegeNews: Best of luck to our students, John Cahill, Jack O Neill, Cian Neylon, Frankie Lyons, Eoin Lahiffe, Padraig O’Donovan and Tom Curran and all of the Clare minor hurling panel and management in the Munster Minor Hurling Final against Tipperary. An clár Abú..

clare_stagg: Correct me if I'm wrong and you know of someone who has publicly expressed an interest or intent to run for governor, but as far as I can see, the options are Jeff Landry, Bill Cassidy, Nungesser, Rick Ward, Stuart Bishop and John Schroder. that just sounds altogether miserable

widowdido: Seeing an ex-professor on 5/11...Considering telling him about a couple Barnes and Noble prank calls...There's the one from Saturday, when a clerk told me she was "familiar" with the Tyson v. Secretariat fight. And maybe the times I recited John Clare's "A Maidenhead" to workers.

OrgaRetro: Donegal (1991), Clare (1997), and Cavan (1997) expected to arrive before the end of May

orpheus_laments: The Flood by John Clare

griptmedia: JOHN MCGUIRK on calls from a Fine Gael Senator for Clare Daly and Mick Wallace to resign:

Limerick_Leader: John Kiely sounds warning to Limerick hurlers ahead of Munster SHC clash with Clare

SteveSchmidtSES: This is a story about public lying. It is a story about Senator John McCain's lying... Read more on The Warning. Sign up at:

SteveSchmidtSES: 4/existed? What John did is between John and the men he emailed. There is no evidence whatsoever for the constant Pedophile smear. None. It’s disgusting

SteveSchmidtSES: 2/ destroyed because he had the nerve to stand up against Donald Trump. I saw John Weaver on one occasion between July 07 and today. Every person in the organization I founded was smeared in a grotesque series of garbage stories and guilt by association attacks. What is the

hrs_recovery: On April 28th, HRS attended a workshop titled “Mass Torts and Class Action Litigation." The presenter was John Kolb of Kolb Clare & Arnold, PSC. His presentation highlighted a number of the mass tort recovery opportunities that our patented platform identifies.

LimkLeaderSport: John Kiely sounds warning to Limerick hurlers ahead of Munster SHC clash with Clare

john_mcguirk: This is odd, because when it comes to arming Ukraine, Barry Ward's party has the exact same policy as Mick Wallace and Claire Daly.

StourValleyCofE: Congratulations to Coralie who came with her family and friends to be Baptised this afternoon at St John the Baptist Church in Stoke by Clare. It was chaotic and fun, and an absolute delight to be part of your special day.

robynbryant33: Anthony Albanese and Jason Clare doing a brilliant job of exposing the utter hypocrisy of Scott Morrison.

justjessigop: Muses no more what ere ye be In fancys pleasures roam But sing (by truth inspir’d) wi’ me The pleasures of a home Nor vain extreems I sigh for here No Lordlings costly dome ‘Be thine the choice’ says reason ‘where ‘Contentment crowns a home’ -John Clare

orpheus_laments: Song by John Clare

SteveSchmidtSES: 10/ I was a volunteer for John McCain. He called me when that campaign went belly up. Everyone quit and he called and asked for my help and I never asked him for a dime. I never took a dime. I left my three year old for a year and did everything I could for John McCain.

QuesuenaenREAL: Rudimental - Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

Wordsworthians: Today's picture: John Clare's grave in Helpston, Northamptonshire. The inscription says 'A poet is born not made'

orpheus_laments: Quail's Nest by John Clare

trainlearnlead: Good communication starts with saying something in a way that can be understood. Great communication starts with saying something in a way that cannot be misunderstood – John Clare

anluvale: ✍John Clare

atkin_julie: Canonbury - your newly elected councillors are: Clare Jeapes (Labour), Nick Wayne (Labour) and John Woolf (Labour) Voter turnout: 33.82%

silversmithsara: As I mentioned hawthorn yesterday - it’s interesting that the poet, John Clare, mentioned it in his poem "The Thrush’s Nest" Pic: "The Thrush’s Nest" and a thrush in hawthorn by Heart of England forest

clare_potter: I'm enamoured with John Baldessari's 'I am Making Art' (1971). What makes art? What makes an artist? Are they separate? And a poem? Who is making a poem? What is the poem making? This is a short clip. Original (much more interesting is 20 mins long).

Bertrom: John Clare, ‘I Am’. I am yet what I am none cares or knows; My friends forsake me like a memory lost: I am the self-consumer of my woes. They rise and vanish in oblivious host, Like shadows in love’s frenzied stifled throes And yet I am, and live …

everyTitleCincy: Aztec Life—Clare, John D., 1952- 2000 Juvenile Book | 972.018 c591 , 2000 items: 5 | circs: 90 | last circ: 1/2022 aztecs social life and customs juvenile literature,juvenile literature aztecs social life and customs,social life and customs aztecs juven...

ToryFibs: Labour’s vote share is down in England, in areas outside London, compared to the last time Jeremy Corbyn contested these seats in 2018 says Sir John Curtice.

liamyoung: John Curtice on the BBC: “Labour hasn't done quite as well as Jeremy Corbyn did."

The_PBS: And we're off again! Thursday 26th we invoke the spirit of John Clare as our poet of the month. Readings from and about him followed by an open mic. Let us know if you want to be on the list. £5 on the night helps cover our costs.

orpheus_laments: Insects by John Clare

intifada: Israel’s high court once again demonstrates that its role is to legitimize and facilitate war crimes against Palestinians

journowillmata: Canonbury ward. Will it be more joy for Labour? Yes, it will. Clare Jeapes, Nick Wayne and John Woolf will be in Town Hall from the end of the month. The Green Party are cheering loudly for their candidates. Their target seats are coming up.

IslingtonBC: Canonbury - your newly elected councillors are: Clare Jeapes (Labour), Nick Wayne (Labour) and John Woolf (Labour) Voter turnout: 33.82% Full results:

OnlyUsCampaign: This will be wonderful - John Clare, gorgeous, and both guest authors are great. All for a very important cause. Please RT

RachelsList: Whether you’re talking to CEOs for a whitepaper or trying to get quotes out of an A-lister, interview skills are essential for any writer. Get all the tips, tricks and strategies from senior journos John Burfitt and Clare Rigden in this masterclass >>

king_Ioki: roles: john clare in penny dreadful, michael callow in black mirror, robert nock in the imitation game and badminton in our flag means death. put some respect on this man's name, he is so talented <3

king_Ioki: john clare is the best character ever written and he portrayed him perfectly, I do not take criticism

wikeleyjb: The press is the author J. L. Carr's old outfit and still going at

sophianarayan: okay john shade?? who raised mortmain?? he is the same shade in tda right??? shade the creepy warlock with the green skin who helped kit and ty and livvy in the shadow market??? RIGHT??? ms clare is that RIGHT???

pcusaredpunk: Reynolds; Representatives Hamilton Fish, Clare E. Hoffman and Stephen Day; and Katherine Lewis, the daughter of John L. Lewis. The leading woman spokesman for the Committee was the exaviatrix and socialite Laura Ingalls; she was subsequently convicted

half__shadow: rory kinnear as john clare/caliban/frankenstein’s monster is just……

orpheus_laments: Peggy by John Clare

EternalEnglish: My most recent poetry reading. I am! by the English poet, John Clare 1793–1864

robynbryant33: Finally! Some people on TV who actually get what hardship feels like. Anthony Albanese and Jason Clare speaking so kindly and with so much care about what it feels like to be doing it tough.

theironwrist: … And there are knaves that brawl for better laws And cant of tyranny in stronger power Who glut their vile unsatiated maws And freedom's birthright from the weak devour. - John Clare

MunsterGAA: John Conlon: Clare needed to back up Tipp performance

MelanieJaxn: The sparrows round their new nests chirp with glee And sweet the robin Spring's young luxury shares Tootling its song in feathery gooseberry tree While watching worms the gardener's spade unbares. -John Clare

Atlantic_Union: Join us in welcoming Clare Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer of Atlantic Union Bank. “Clare brings a wealth of human resources & talent management experience. I am confident she will make a significant impact” said John Asbury, Atlantic Union Bank CEO.

ALewerMBE: Congratulations to Colonel John Hanson on his OBE I first met John in 2017 when he was overseeing the merger of 104 and 103bn REME which is based in Clare Street Barracks in Northampton. He is a first class leader, motivator and doer. He is pictured here....1of2

nevso: Probyn says to Jason Clare “negative gearing is unfair if 1st home buyers are competing with “heavily” superannuated buyers and other investments”. Where was Probyn when Shorten was “lynched” for suggesting the same thing? Politics is a game to reporters the truth is the casualty

grayee: John's Labour blog: Vote Malcolm Gray & Clare Penny-Evans for UNISON Northern Region Community SGE Elections (Housing Associations and Voluntary Sector)...

fatboyrugby1956: Rudimental - Not Giving In (ft. John Newman & Alex Clare) [Official Video]

PrincessHamira: Augustus John cuts quite a dash in three piece with velvet collar in a set of images (taken by Shaw?) kept at Shaw's corner. Photographed at the Burren, County Clare.

john_cronin48: Federal Election: Labor MP steals show at campaign launch - Jason Clare aptly captions the "do-nothing" ScoMo, while Albanese shows the way forward for Australians, for a better future under Labor.

john_cronin48: I agree - if you did not see it, go to ABC & watch it. On a par with Gough Whitlam's "It's Time" Albo was great,as were Penny Wong, Mark MacGowan & Jason Clare.

GerBrowne4: John Kootanai Brown Co Clare came west after serving as an ensign in the 8th Foot in India. His travels through the frontier took him through countless adventures and a series of careers. He almost lost his life in 1868 when he was captured by Sitting Bull.

GBClarkson: Home Pictures in May, by John Clare "Sweet earthly nuns of Spring..."

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Ioana Virginia Bolba: John Clare is a wonderful poet. At first sight, one may think he is superficial, but going into details, we discover an intuitive poet, writing only about what he himself felt (not thought), and offering an interesting life lesson, an example of how we should enjoy small things and, most of all, against that rude running after money and not understanding what life actually means.

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