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of_dogma: Cmon Clare. I have scoured the internet/ebay to buy a signed photo of you in a celtic top. I am getting that desperate that I nearly bought a signed childrens book of yours.Get your hubby to take a picture of you in a Celtic top. Write Happy Birthday John Hail Hail. 57 on 24/8

HighamHall: 11 - 13 Sep: SHAKESPEARE’S FALSTAFF – IN THE TAVERN, ON THE BATTLEFIELD & IN LOVE ~ Clare Smout. Explore the adventures of the fat knight Sir John Falstaff, plus the other events and characters of Henry IV, Part 1 and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

etiennelefleur: I've been drawn back to the work of poet John Clare (1793-1864). He writes so beautifully, so powerfully, about the theft of our common land. Here are some of his poems mourning the privatisation of our commons: "The Tragedy of the Enclosures"

mr_bellis: bizarrely managed to get John Clare twitter bumpin a few weeks ago but somehow Coleridge twitter is dead?? come thru!

7_clare: How much did john keys flag ref cost? No googling

fatherz: 12 August 2020 - top of this hour - Holy Mass (TLM) - St. Clare - Celebrant: Fr. John Zuhls...

FilmsReluctant: NEW VIDEO (253) The Thunder Mutters (I see the World)

la_leere: this makes me wonder, although I have nothing like the background that would be needed to investigate it, whether there is an "enclosure poetry" tradition in Indian literature analogous to ppl like John Clare/other romantics at times in England

starburstfinish: Who pays FARE's furlough? ROI The Vatican GCC Auldheid Carfin Grotto Clyde SSB Big Lawrie fae Dennistoun Susan Aitken's taxi account Paedos go bragh Leigh Griffiths' dealer The Daily Record John James' pimp Clare Whyte The Tall Cranes Equine Centre The SPFL Rugger Guy

thepainterflynn: Today in 1914 John Holland, from Liscannor, Co. Clare, designer of the first functional submarine, dies in Newark, New Jersey

MondayStory: I think my favourite of all the books/stories is Tehanu. Adult Tenar is such a wonderful character, and it has that careworn, tough kindness and warmth to it - what Heaney (writing about John Clare) called extreme experience turned into something gentle - that’s catnip to me.

diaz_pesantes: 156. Beautiful Maria. John Clare.

HighamHall: SEPT COURSES with space: 8-11: Oil Painting ~ Ceri Allen 11-13: Shakespeare’s Falstaff; In the Tavern, on the Battlefield & in Love ~ Clare Smout 22-25: Paint ~ Alex Jakob-Whitworth 25-28: The Lazy Philosopher's Guide to Orwell & 1984 ~ Darren Harper 29-2 Oct: Piano ~ John Gough

PaceRappaport: Check out THE WEEK Clare Grogan John Roberts Bolton Payola Why We Dropped The A Bomb 2005

neal_katyal: Wish John Lewis could see this.

OnThisDayCK: John Phillip Holland, builder of the first submarine and native of Co Clare, Ireland died at the age of 74 in the ye

Christinaofs: St Clare truly believed in this Gospel of St John 15:5 I am the vine: you are the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing.

clare_busch: Instead of thinking about the Dem ticket, tonight is for listening to Angel from Montgomery by John Prine and making pizza

StreamingVideo_: Amazon Prime Video has the (TV Series) Wolf Creek (Season 1) (HD) starring John Jarratt & Lucy Fry & Dustin Clare on sale for $4.99 : $7.99 on Vudu

obi1_john: Sunset Spanish Point, Co Clare

MoggMandrake: The Land should be free

MikeHydro: Further Fashion Elinor Helen Clare Liz John Helen Alex

RVCDiocese: Homily for the Memorial of Saint Clare of Assisi from Bishop John Barres, St. Agnes Cathedral

RadioTfsc: ImagineYouKnow how to Decline Update 4, but you and the Faith Head just Wait and See the Scars. Then Falls The Sky while Steve Kluesener is using the Spinning Wheel and wants some Dirty Laundry Love with Ortwin, John, Tom, Oli, Liz and Clare Enjoy it here

exitthelemming: 447 The Skylark by John Clare

StephenMaryTOR: Happy Feast of St. Clare! "Her whole life was a Eucharist because … from her cloister she raised up a continual ‘thanksgiving’ to God in her prayer, praise, supplication, intercession, weeping, offering and sacrifice." - St. John Paul II

_Hornik_: A quick update on this picture: Out of baseball, 7.09 ERA last year, Tommy John, best pitcher in baseball, 8.20 ERA this year, Philadelphia Phillie

OldImagesClare: Customers shopping at Christmas in Haran's shop in Ennistymon, Co. Clare, in 1959. Part of the Michael John Glynne Collection at Clare County Library (

monikaeshea: First manuscript from my PhD work is published! If you are interested in mapping ecotones or if you are even mildly interested in the Wisconsin Tension Zone, check it out! "Identifying ecotone location using the co-occurrence property":

Adrian_Dalby: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) The Smile Behind the Veil Mike Pratt, Kenneth Cope, Annette Andre, Alex Scott, Hilary Tindall, Gary Watson, Freda Jackson, Peter Jesson, Robin Hawdon, George Howe, John Bott, Michael Radford, Clare Jenkins, David Forbes, Peter Lawrence Sony 8pm

PaulJColvin: Stolen from my pal Clare Gordon x

kovesi1: If you’d like to buy a copy of THE MEETING for £4 + P&P, please contact the Sales Officer of the John Clare Society, David Smith, here:

marlinhoister: Episode Nine - The Shepherd's Calendar - August - John Clare

mahynourr_magdy: “Light of the world, hold me.” — West Wind; ‘That Sweet Flute John Clare’ by Mary Oliver

davidmcw: John Hume remembered. Here's my thoughts on the transformative power of the credit unions set up by John Hume in 1960. Cameos from The Undertones, SLF, micro banks & the act of defiance that is self-improvement. Hope you enjoy it. Hume was a colossus.

GloucesterCM: Our John o Groats to Lands End Virtual Challenge has begun today!! So far Nick (our Chair), and Clare have been out and covered 20.3 miles. We have 852.2 miles to do! Please give if you can via

irishamerica: Your Weekly Reading from Irish America -

MoggMentum: Dave and Clare Edwards say they told police and have complained to watchdog. On a completely unrelated note, David and Clare Edwards have consistently posted to social media over the last 5 years anti-Tory propaganda and anti-Brexit nonsense.

StephanieNorgat: So shocked about this. Reading poetry by D H Lawrence, Elizabeth Jennings, Norman MacCaig, Ruth Pitter, John Clare, Blake, Langston Hughes at 14-16 changed my life for the better. I would never have known their work without the exam curriculum.

GylesB1: Day 137 of poetry & jumpers. “Summer Morning” by the great nature poet John Clare - written 200 years ago so some of the words are unfamiliar now: sloomy means sleepily ... Part One is here in a jumper. Part Two follows without a jumper - but with a cat!

GylesB1: Day 137 continued - the second part of John Clare’s poem “Summer Morning” & I’ve taken off the jumper and put on the cat!

John_D_Clare: Statistical Q. trying to formulate something like an HMM, but state is constant, observations follow 1st or 2nd order Markov process but are temporally ragged: missing obs (I think) need to be smoothed/filtered. There a name for this? Anyone seen something similar?

PykusPiraticus: House or Window Flies John Clare These little window dwellers, in cottages and halls, were always entertaining to me; after dancing in the window all day from sunrise to sunset they would sip of the tea, drink of the beer, and eat of the sugar, and be welcome all summer long. .

John_McGahon: Left Dingle at 9am, got the Ferry from Tarbet to Killimer and then drove up the entire Clare Coastline, through the Burren, and made it to Salthill just before high tide. Ireland is magic!

MDMArchive: Ticket Apollo, 25th November 1982. Clare McGovern says: "John Denver at the Apollo!"

John_D_Clare: (nm--easy enough to just sample the missing obs, I guess)

damianchristie: Took me a while to work out what a strip club had to do with John Key but figured it didn’t sound any weirder than anything else this election...

comradebritney: Gemma O'Doherty and John Waters are sorta like if you put Mick Wallace and Clare Daly through an evil tinfoil hat Instagram filter or something

euhobia: john green was DEFINITELY that kind of author and it makes the books so boring like they're ok for 12 y/o me but barely even that. read cassandra clare's shadowhunters chronicles for incredible writing and D E S C R I P T I O N S<33333

the2johnnies: Footage of Donald’s trip to Clare. The locals showed him their customs.

Ireland1911: John O Connor, a 9 year old R Catholic scholar from Francis Street, Ennis, Clare.

JohnClarePoetry: A wee 8 & 6 ballad by John Clare, written in the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum, in the early 1840s: 'A WISH'

kovesi1: My John Clare project book - The Meeting - is how online, fully downloadable, & free:

clare_liguori: Really nice Builders Library article from John about how we construct operational dashboards at AWS

RedTRaccoon: Nobody is talking about the death of John Neville. It's barely making local news. He said I can't breathe 29 times before dying. Five former detention center officers and a nurse have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in Neville’s death.

SocialBeastie: Poetry is the Universe making sense of itself - 3: poetry understood in its historical context leads, unsurprisingly, to a more complete understanding of history. No-one exists in a vacuum. For example, read John Clare if you want to know about the Enclosure Acts.

OUFCOfficial: ✍️ Welcome to Oxford Sean Clare

XiaoXMaVictoria: John Clare: The Meeting - Oxford Brookes University

HEPI_news: HEPI webinar 'In Conversation' with Clare Marchant, UCAS Chief Executive

AspireMEdUK: Submit your questions for Dr Ray before the day and vote for your favourites:

AspireMEdUK: Submit your questions for Prof Leach and Dr Ray before the day and vote for your favourites:

irarchaeology: Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Burren, Co Clare. Dating from the Neolithic period, this is one of the very few Irish portal tombs that have been excavated. This uncovered the remains of 22 people, 16 adults & 6 children within the interior of the tomb.

GeorgePapa19: BREAKING: U.S. Attorney John Durham finalizing details to interview former CIA Director John Brennan

o_franco_aleman: John Clare

ClareFM: Ennis Priest Shares His Memories of the late John Hume

ClareChampion: Online book of condolence opened in Clare for the late John Hume

ClareFM: Clare County Council Opens Online Book Of Condolence For John Hume

sunnybooknook: authors I havent read and probably won't read simply because I have no interest: Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyers, Stephanie Meyers, John Green, Maggie Stiefvater, Laini Taylor, Kiera Cass

TheVelvetNap: Have a walk with John Clare.

P_Brewski_965: In addition to being a LEO, Clare County, Michigan Sheriff John S. Wilson is a constitutional attorney. Who knew he was so talented?

ClareCoCo: Clare County Council has opened an online Book of Condolence in memory of John Hume, R.I.P. Members of the public are invited to sign the Book of Condolence at

BreesAnna: This has been shared with me a dozen times so I pass on now to my followers. A whistleblower from a care home shares their story via Clare Wills Harrison. More here

eckauskas: I think the worst thing about Sean Clare leaving Hearts is that John Murray will be involved in sorting a replacement.

greencatherine: Last thought of the day, can media stopping quoting John Key that there is a financial crisis ( not rocket science John) and can John stop advocating for invasion of the super rich, we don’t want them, we already have John and it’s not inspiring

ClareEcho: ‘He chose peace over war & dialogue over terrorism’ – John Hume remembered in Co Clare

NearbyWild: My camera does not do justice to the rich amber glow of St John’s Wort in the early morning. Amber is a traditional name given to this plant. This scene would surely have inspired John Constable to paint or John Clare to write a poem. Nature’s own tapestry!

John_D_Clare: Painter: seems like the gray we got for the garage is lighter than the [slate] gray you wanted. Want the house the same or intended color? Me: uh, dunno, let’s see how the garage ends up? P: M: just primed, right? M: Oh... . And the trim is white? P: Yep.

John_D_Clare: According to the cans: egret white, and some other white.

PresidentIRL: Following a request from John Hume's family, President Higgins and Sabina this evening lit a "candle for peace" at Áras an Uachtaráin.

mr_bellis: The English poet John Clare writing about the Napoleonic Wars very much still slaps

markeasterbrook: Imagine having to roll John Key out all the time because you can't get any traction yourselves. Like taking your dad to a job interview.

jessica32678922: And when I saw a stranger face Where beauty held the claim, I gave it like a secret grace The being of thy name. And all the charms of face or voice Which I in others see Are but the recollected choice Of what I felt for thee. John Clare

girlsreallyrule: When Trump is asked how history will remember John Lewis, whose passing Trump has completely ignored, he responds with: "I don't know...I don't know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration." It's always about him.

90ssolangelo: john green, cassandra clare, rick riordan were the defining parts of my childhood

NoreenMasud: In Scots, a puddock is a toad. It doesn't matter that John Clare meant a kite; in my mind he will forever be admiring the breathtaking sight of toads soaring over the fens

RTEArchives: "There is an extraordinary diversity about the Irish people." John Hume talks to Professor Anthony Clare about what it means to be Irish. WATCH: 'Irish In Mind'broadcast in 1989

PJMcFaddenDerry: I've been asked to share this reflection I wrote on the late Nobel laureate, John Hume.

richspares: Clare Spares and I would like to welcome Charlie John Spares into the world. He was born in the early hours of 02/08/20. We are now all home enjoying life as a family.

RamOrigami: John Clare

OLlVERMARKS: why do y’all brush over the fact that john b and sarah become legal siblings yet still makeout but with cassie clare it’s all y’all talk’s fair that u talk ab it but weird that y’all brush over it in this case

mccann_mervyn: When history tells Ireland's story... John Hume will be talked about in circles of Martin Luther king, John Lewis Jesse Jackson, and Nelson Mandela.. freedom fighters who fought the good fight. John Hume .. were the best of the best

aoifegracemoore: This is what John Hume meant to the people of Derry, a city that put their arms around their son when he needed it most. “It’s no easy feat to raise people up when they’ve always had a boot on their back.” Rest easy John Hume.

U2: There goes the greatest servant leader of them all… RIP John Hume

welfordwrites: Autumn Morning, a poem by John Clare. A series of impressions without a central message, couched in very interesting language. Click the link!

cosetties: and my dad is apparently OBSESSED with creature/caliban/john clare...its so on brand

RememberingAnd: On this day 4 August 1919, RIC Sergt John Riordan (44) a native of Macroom, Co Cork and Cons Michael J. Murphy (20), from Ballynacargy, Co Westmeath, were shot and killed on the road between Inagh and Ennistymon, Co Clare while cycling back from protection duty. Lest we forget.

BBCNews: "He gave me and my generation a future" People born after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement explain what Northern Ireland politician John Hume, who has died aged 83, means to them ⬇️

SSopelza: folks .. M18 busy as never , we re on the way from King John's and Bunratty Castle and over to Shannon Airport to drop two friends who toured Co.Clare at weekend . Do you know there s an aviation museum in Shannon? Very Interesting

RedLabour_: Sad news. RIP John Hume.

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