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No_way_but_this: A Spring Morning John Clare The Spring comes in with all her hues and smells, In freshness breathing over hills and dells; O’er woods where May her gorgeous drapery flings, And meads washed fragrant by their laughing springs. Fresh are new opened flowers, untouched and free

RichardNSkinner: try to remember a line by john clare

dominixus: All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven), Firebird series (Claudia Gray), the Infernal Devices & the Dark Artifices (Cassandra Clare), Till We Meet Again (Yoana Dianika), Autumn in Paris (Ilana Tan), The Fault in Our Stars (John Green), Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)

tribecalledgeek: Some of our presenters include Dr. Dan Wildcat, Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, Dr. Lee Francis IV, Johnnie Jae, Johnnie Diacon, Weyodi Oldbear & indigenous astronauts Dr. John Herrington and Dr. Jose Hernandez! We will also host musical guests, Los Texmaniacs & Lauren Nicole Clare!

BenLubalas: Emmonsales Heath — John Clare first three stanzas

_Top_Radio: Top Hits music. Now Not Giving In [Radio Edit]StreamNext=' - Rudimental Feat. John Newman & Alex Clare on

grasmereschool: Autumn - John Clare The thistledown's flying, though the winds are all still, On the green grass now lying, now mounting the hill, The spring from the fountain now boils like a pot; Through stones past the counting it bubbles red-hot.

SligoJ: “I  long for scenes where man hath never trod A place where woman never smiled or wept There to abide with my Creator, God And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept Untroubling and untroubled where I lie The grass below – above the vaulted sky” John Clare

welfordwrites: Autumn Morning, a poem by John Clare. A series of impressions without a central message, couched in very interesting language. Click the link!

Ghostnxtdoor_: I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this‼️ Rangers Apprentice Series- John Flanagan The Magisterium Series- Holly Black and Cassandra Clare Mask of Shadows Duo-logy- Linsey Miller Percy Jackson and The Olympians series- Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus series- Rick Riordan

Variety: "His presence was felt throughout our scripts," John Oliver says of Adam Driver.

Disruptxn: Why did John Clare snap Van Helsing neck like that? Smh cheap death for a veteran.

frxstbxte: “Words from my eyes did start— They spoke as chords do from the string, And blood burnt round my heart.” — First Love, John Clare. I remembered how I used to memorize the whole poem by heart when I studied literature back then! analyzing poems were fun..

MMcilfatrick: "a black crow [...] stretches its wings and hangs in the air, then schoosh, veers off, playing the games it learned in John Clare's woods and Wordsworth's ancient grove" - Elaine Scarry, "Dreaming by the Book".

wenham_clare: Want to ‘level up’ the UK? Just give places the power and money they need | John Harris | The Guardian

CMRanapia: Somehow, it cleanses my timeline that the majestically tactless Miriam Margolyes (who has a memoir out) has loathed John Cleese for sixty years.

notes_from_x: “But now I only know I am, —that’s all.” John Clare

GerBrowne4: Over 700 Clare men and women that died during The Great War are buried or named in 251 cemeteries or memorials in 22 countries throughout the world. 290 are in France, 102 in Belgium 59 in the UK 48 in Turkey 39 in Ireland.

ben_clare: RIP John Challis. Legend.

MFer17h: Estudio para 'The Lady Clare', 1900, John William Waterhouse

OliverPlunketts: Best of luck to John Paul O Driscoll who is Captaining the Cork Masters Gaa Football Team who are playing Clare on today Saturday 18th in Ennis at 2pm. This is a great achievement for you and your family and all the Plunketts will be cheering you on John Paul and hope yew win.

wheartandvoice: John Rutter grew up living over the Globe pub on London's Marylebone Road, and was educated at Highgate School and at Clare College Cambridge. We’ll mark his 76th birthday his Hymn to the Creator of Light sung by Polyphony.

Weird_AnimaIs: The awesome Cope's giant salamander. (Photo John P. Clare)

clareftballnews: After a Recker finds Dawson John for 44, Warner finishes the drive from 16 yards out, and Babcock adds the PAT. Clare 28 Shepherd 6 8:15 2Q

GerBrowne4: Commander Michael Stackpoole, Cragbrien Ennis Co Clare, Royal Navy (1804-1818) served on numerous ships including HMS Tonnant just after the Battle of Trafalgar Oct 1805 where she lost 26 officers & men & embarked the remains of Sir John Moore's army at Corunna Spain in Jan 1809.

StBreckansGAA: Clare Senior Hurling Captain John Conlan doing video for

Arteymas_: Estudio para 'The Lady Clare', 1900, John William Waterhouse

GerBrowne4: Lt. John Dillon Ross-Lewin Co Clare, 30th Regiment, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Inkerman on the 5th Nov 1854, and died 2 days later. He was the son of Harry Ross-Lewin, who fought in the Peninsular War and Waterloo and died in 1843. Their Memorial in Ennis Co Clare.

GerBrowne4: 5 Lynch brothers from Co Clare - James John Thomas Michael and Patrick joined the Royal Engineers in the 1890's and went on to survey the unmapped lands of the Gold Coast, Orange Free State Transvaal Cape Territory Mauritius Singapore Canada and Australia.

GerBrowne4: Captain John Forster Fitzgerald Co Clare, 14th Hussars, died at Ramnagar in the Sikh war on the 28th Nov 1848, aged 27. He was killed in a desperate charge by his regiment on the Siagh's cavalry on the banks of the Chenab in the Punjab. Remembered on the Coney Island monument.

GerBrowne4: John Philip Holland from Co Clare developed the first submarine to be commissioned by the US Navy and the Royal Navy. Within 40 days of his death in 1914, one German submarine in less then one hour sank three British Light Cruisers, claiming 1400 lives.

Echoingwalls: Damon Albarn chose album title 'years ago' - Damon Albarn knew "years ago" he wanted to use a line from John Clare's ‘Love And Memory' in a musical...

gen21argentina: Damon Albarn chose album title 'years ago' Damon Albarn knew "years ago" he wanted to use a line from John Clare's 'Love And Memory' in a musical project.

GalihSeba: Damon Albarn chose album title 'years ago' Damon Albarn knew "years ago" he wanted to use a line from John Clare's 'Love And Memory' in a musical project.

DolceSuonoE: E-newsletter: Season opens October 3 / John Nasukaluk Clare joins DSE Board of Advisors!

GerBrowne4: Surgeon John D M Swinburne Co Clare, Indian Medical Staff Bengal died on the 14th Sept 1890. Son of Major General J D Swinburne. This Memorial was erected by the 19th Bengal Lancers in Clonlara Co Clare as a token of their esteem. He is buried in Lewisham.

Keats_Shelley: The Keats-Shelley Prize Chair is acclaimed sports and nature writer Simon Barnes. Enormous thanks for all your amazing work. He will reveal the winners in 10 minutes. For now, hear him compare the nightingales of Johns Keats and Clare:

GerBrowne4: 21st Aug 1944. Stoker 1st/Cl Simon (Siney) Moran Scattery Island Co Clare was killed aged 32 when HMS Orchis struck a mine off the Normandy coast & is named on the Plymouth Memorial. His father William died on HMS Majestic in WW1 & his uncle John died on SS Empire Mallory in WW2.


GerBrowne4: 1st Sgt John Conlan Co Clare, enlisted on the 28th Aug 1861 in Co E 40th New York Infantry Union Army. Re-enlisted 29th Dec 1863. Killed In Action 12th May 1864 in the Battle of Spotsylvania (Virginia) aged 21. Buried in the Fredericksburg National Cemetery Virginia. (S Carberry)

GerBrowne4: Private John Carmody (1833-1892) Liscannor Co Clare, enlisted on the 6th Jan 1861 aged 27 into Co A 3rd Vermont Infantry that served in the eastern theater in the VI Corps, Army of the Potomac from 1861 to 1865. He is buried in St. Catherines Cemetery Charlestown NH. (S Carberry)

John_D_Clare: The most interesting part of this bad photo was that I turned around and saw a marten scampering around—hadn’t seen one in years! (near-sighted old dog may have seen it, but ignores everything that can’t be thrown).

John_D_Clare: Also continually surprised at how much the species seems to readily use high elevation talus/krommholz (see them way up in the sierra’s, too). Eating pika or something?

Jeremm0i: John Clare (1793-1864), "The Secret" I loved thee, though I told thee not, Right earlily and long, Thou wert my joy in every spot, My theme in every song …

GerBrowne4: Lieut-Col John Singleton 1826-1880 Quinville Abbey Co Clare, Royal Artillery served in the Crimean War at Alma, Balaklava Inkerman & Sevastapol & the repulse of the Sepoys at Mooltan during the Indian Mutiny. Died aged 54. His Memorial Tablet in Tulla Churchyard. D Browne E Shaw

SFCCM: Sept 14, 1900. Great-Grandfather died this date & was interred at Calvary Catholic Cemetery on Geary. Grandma often spoke of going to "visit" him (& her brother, d. 1885) on the Geary car. John Sherry of Co. Clare, cellarman: American Brewery, North Beach. Bless his memory.

pmcdonagh7: A novel reference to the famed English mercenary (or condottieri) John Hawkwood in a letter of Edmund Mortimer to one of his officials pardoning a sum of money which had been distrained by the steward of Clare following Hakewood's purchase of lands in the fee of 'Teppesfeld'

waterhouse_art: Study for 'The Lady Clare', 1900

rFleshandBlood: Inspired by a John Clare poem to make this Briar lore video! via /r/FleshandBloodTCG

JohnMcArts: “He roves, half-indolent and self-employed, To rob the little birds, Of hips and pendant haws, And sloes, dim-covered as with dewy veils And rambling bramble-berries, pulpy and sweet, Arching their prickly trails Half o’er the narrow lane.” - John Clare, from 'Autumn'

PeterBa87211251: In every storm they dance on high The semblance of a stormy sky Then sob and roar and bend and swee The semblance of a stormy sea. John Clare

classic1073: The Playlist - Station News -

WaVyDaVy69: I Am! – John Clare (Powerful Life Poetry)

CratloeGAAClub: The late Johnny Boyce

W3AFY: all my pins are gross, so just multifandom but i main; little nightmares - dbd kubz scouts - ranboo - clare siobhan - john wolfe - call me kevin toh - gilmore girls

recycledgiraffe: From John Clare's "I Am!:" "I am! yet what I am none cares or knows, My friends forsake me like a memory lost; I am the self-consumer of my woes, They rise and vanish in oblivious host, Like shades in love and death's oblivion lost; And yet I am! and live with shadows tost"

JeanMWilliams: Autumn by John Clare | Poetry Foundation

QuesuenaenREAL: Rudimental - Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

PoliticalPhilo: A new 50th-anniversary symposium on John Rawls’s "Theory of Justice" in "Polity". Essays by Melissa Williams, Murad Idris, Ruth Abbey, Robert S. Taylor, William Clare Roberts, & Clare Chambers:

ClaireFromClare: Thanks to Professor Sir John Baker for info & photos of the fittings related to the Lady of Clare, advance glimpses of a forthcoming chapter 'Heraldic Insights from Small Metal Artefacts 1250-1350' for "Heralds and Heraldry in the Middle Ages", ed. N. L. Ramsay.

JasonBKyle2: Seems our ol' friend John Clare had something to say about the Abbey too.

JohnClarePoetry: What’s your favourite John Clare Society Journal cover?

NearbyWild: Autumn He roves, half-indolent and self-employed, To rob the little birds, Of hips and pendant haws, And sloes, dim-covered as with dewy veils And rambling bramble-berries, pulpy and sweet, Arching their prickly trails Half o’er the narrow lane. John Clare

PreRaphPleas: Robins of Modern Times by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, 1860 The Autumn Robin by John Clare, 1820

countessofsnark: Another gem I recommend to everyone is Emily Dickinson. Yes, where poetry is concerned, I’m a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, Christina Rosetti, John Clare, and selected Tennyson poems… but Dickinson will always be there for me when the mood of the others mentioned here is not.

randydeutsch: A great person is a sentence. — meaning that a leader with a clear & strong purpose could be summed up in a single line. Congresswoman Clare Booth Luce to President John F. Kennedy. What is your sentence?

vobgoblin: I Am! – John Clare (Powerful Life Poetry)

GerBrowne4: 22nd Sept 1920. RIC Constable John McGuire Co Mayo, was killed in the Rineen Ambush, which was carried out by 4th Bn MCB IRA half-way between Lahinch & Miltown Malbay . He was aged 20 & based in Clare since 18th Dec 1919. 5 other RIC were also killed.

clare_dowding: The ICC must stand with Afghan women – or it stands for nothing | Emma John

_Top_Radio: Top Hits music. Now Not Giving In [Radio Edit]StreamNext=' - Rudimental Feat. John Newman & Alex Clare on

historymaking_: Donal McAnallen a top, top historian, his "Ulaidh, Éire agus Eile" one of the finest sporting histories ever written. A sincere guy too though John Maughan tilts the Clare vote today for the most part!

VicGovDH: “I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’m grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to get the vaccine. It’s something I can do to protect myself from COVID, to protect my baby, family, friends and the Victorian community,” Clare Looker, Deputy Chief Health Officer, Department of Health.

markandersonrun: I love John Clare. Who could possibly not love John Clare?

under_just: Richard George Bruehert Andrew Brunn Vincent Edward Brunton Ronald Bucca Brandon J. Buchanan Greg J. Buck Dennis Buckley Nancy Clare Bueche Patrick Joseph Buhse John Edward Bulaga, Jr. Stephen Bruce Bunin Christopher L. Burford Matthew J. Burke Thomas Daniel Burke 22/

newfoundnewsca: Closures Johnson Geo Centre Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve Bannerman Park, Victoria Park & Bowring Park St. John's Farmer's Market COVID-19 vaccination clinic at The Village Visitation at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Metrobus not operating

pattidigh: Richard George Bruehert, Andrew Brunn, Vincent Brunton, Ronald Paul Bucca, Brandon J. Buchanan, Gregory Joseph Buck, Dennis Buckley, Nancy Clare Bueche, Patrick Joseph Buhse, John Edwards Bulaga, Jr., Stephen Bunin, Matthew J. Burke, Thomas Daniel Burke,

John_D_Clare: based on a quick skim of recent posts from the unmarked google group, the issue addressed in this paper (and apparently now implemented in the software) should be quite useful.

jsolomonReports: Listen Now! Former British Commander in Afghanistan: Biden has branded himself as the ‘worst President’ in US history | Just the News

PrimeGamma: I Am! – John Clare (Powerful Life Poetry)

clareftballnews: Jacob Recker finds Dawson John from 44 yards out on 4th and 19 to get the scoring started. Camden Babcock nails the PAT. Clare 7 Beaverton 0 8:56 1Q

BEYUMesiye: John Clare , I AM!

GregSkodacek: "There is a charm in Solitude that cheers A feeling that the world knows nothing of A green delight the wounded mind endears After the hustling world is broken off..." ~ John Clare, Selected Poetry and Prose

GerBrowne4: Lt John J Larkin, Parteen Co Clare, emigrated to New York in 1912. Joined the 69th (165th) Regt 42nd Div US Army in WW1. Deployed to France Oct 1917 & awarded a Purple Heart after sustaining wounds in battle. Died May 1972. His brother James fought with the Irish Guards.(P Kirby)

ChrisBramall: Great to see John, Clare, David, Andrada and Lois yesterday evening - and Isaac and Toby today!

PreRaphPleas: 'Abinger Mill-Pond Surrey. Morning in Late Autumn' by George Price Boyce (1866 - 1867) paired with 'Autumn' by John Clare

SChecinska: I Am! – John Clare (Powerful Life Poetry)

PaulBrandITV: NEW: Oxfordshire hospitals are said to be in a "critical position" tonight due to surging demand and an inability to discharge patients back into the community due to a shortage of care staff. John Radcliffe hospital has had no space for 24 hours and cannot offload ambulances.

bwthornton: "Lined thinly with the horse's sable hair. Five eggs, pen-scribbled o'er with ink their shells Resembling writing scrawls which fancy reads As nature's poesy and pastoral spells— They are the yellowhammer's and she dwells Most poet-like" John Clare, The Yellowhammer's Nest

GerBrowne4: Lt John Charles Whitty (1811-1896) Kilfenora Co Clare, served with the 7th NI Mardas Army East India Company 1826-40 then went to NSW. The son of John Whitty Rector of Tulla he later ministered in Kilfenora where there is a memorial. Buried in Tunbridge Wells. (D Browne & E Shaw)

Caglar_Koc_: John Clare- I Am! I am—yet what I am none cares or knows; My friends forsake me like a memory lost: I am the self-consumer of my woes— They rise and vanish in oblivious host, Like shadows in love’s frenzied stifled throes And yet I am, and live—like vapours tossed /1

triplejplays_sa: Rudimental - Not Giving In {Ft. John Newman, Alex Clare} [02:05]

ysIsaint: imagine the breakfast club but instead of john and clare it’s john and allison..i am so smart sometimes

triplejplays_wa: Rudimental - Not Giving In {Ft. John Newman, Alex Clare} [02:05]

AwakenedLegal: Hi I'm Clare. In the next few months I'm dropping out of society & will live in a campervan if I must. I will no longer work, pay taxes, NI, or contribute in any way to this evil system, that has proved it does not want me due to my health status. And I want nothing from it.

_dhumavati_: "There was seemingly nothing that she could not cook, mend, heal, or tolerate, except for bad manners. Clare held several jobs besides running the home and, while it may seem a cliche, at the end of a day of work, she and John delighted in relaxing with a Manhattan cocktail."

4Boat: Please run full blood count and electrolytes on Mr John Citizen of Clare St, New Town, symptoms include being paralysed by choice.

GerBrowne4: Clare Journal Dec 1908 records the death aged 66 of Thomas MacNamara (Tom Mac) from Cooraclare, the Leader of the West Clare Fenians. His former comrades included Peter Honan (Head Centre) & John Crowley (Drill Master). He was buried in Kilmacduane Cemetery.

GerBrowne4: Mary Anne Cooney (nee Houlihan 1903-1993) Tulla Company, 5th Battalion Cumann na mBan, East Clare Brigade IRA, was awarded her Service Medal (1917-1921) on the 15th April 1970. Her Commanding Officer's were Michael O'Dea, Mary Ryan & John Butler.

CoyltonPrimary: P6 recently wrote ‘I Am’ poems in the style of John Clare. We think they are amazing. What do you think???

BardsAntiquity: I Am! – John Clare (Powerful Life Poetry)

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Ioana Virginia Bolba: John Clare is a wonderful poet. At first sight, one may think he is superficial, but going into details, we discover an intuitive poet, writing only about what he himself felt (not thought), and offering an interesting life lesson, an example of how we should enjoy small things and, most of all, against that rude running after money and not understanding what life actually means.

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