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eoghancorry: Thisday2014 Graham Howe, David Molloy, Christian Boergen, Clare McEwan, Massimo Evangelista, John Godfrey, Melanie Hario, Bernd Roesner, Markus Walter, Florence Ichkhan, Christa Monshausean, Betina Busch, Peter Arp, Tash Petrolati, Maya Koblasa, Stacey Rampersath, Annette Kegel

Variety: For the second half of Clive Davis' two-part virtual “Grammy gala” this year, the music mogul interviewed music stars including Joni Mitchell, Elton John, DaBaby, Paul Simon, H.E.R., Dave Grohl, Dionne Warwick and Chris Stapleton

GerBrowne4: Lt Col John O'Brien Minogue from Scariff Co Clare, West Yorkshire Regiment, died in Oct 1916 in London. He entered the army in 1886, and served in the Burmese 1885-89, Chin-Lushai 1890, Ashanti 1895-96, Tibet 1903-04 and Mohmand 1908 Expeditions. Mentioned in Despatches 3 times.

writer_fiona: Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come, For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom, And the crow is on the oak a-building of her nest, And love is burning diamonds in my true lover's breast... - John Clare, Summer

GerBrowne4: John Kootanai Brown Co Clare came west after serving as an ensign in the 8th Foot in India. His travels through the frontier took him through countless adventures and a series of careers. He almost lost his life in 1868 when he was captured by Sitting Bull.

GerBrowne4: In 2011 the grave of Clare Fenian John Deloughery was found in Connecticut USA. He led the Fenian attack on the Kilbaha Coastguard in 1867 with Thomas McCarthy Fennell, who was transported to Fremantle Australia, and sponsored the Maid of Erin in Kilrush.

Eagle_Labs_Cmbr: Meet the team! Ecosystem Manager, John, and Lab Manager, Clare, are onsite at The Bus Station to support business to collaborate, innovate and grow. Get in touch ➡️

ZOROARIA11: Mrs. Clare Booth Luce, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles 3/3/1953

GerBrowne4: Over 700 Clare men and women that died during The Great War are buried or named in 251 cemeteries or memorials in 22 countries throughout the world. 290 are in France, 102 in Belgium 59 in the UK 48 in Turkey 39 in Ireland.

MikeHaddrell: "Toby Jones reads John Clare - Oxford Brookes University"

GouldingChris: From this week's Spectator magazine, an interesting note by Rev. Steve Morris about hares, looking at: their natural and cultural significance; a famous appearance in the art of Albrecht Dürer; and references to them in the poetry of John Clare and William Cowper.

GerBrowne4: 5 Lynch brothers from Co Clare - James John Thomas Michael and Patrick joined the Royal Engineers in the 1890's and went on to survey the unmapped lands of the Gold Coast, Orange Free State Transvaal Cape Territory Mauritius Singapore Canada and Australia.

GerBrowne4: Lt. John Dillon Ross-Lewin Co Clare, 30th Regiment, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Inkerman on the 5th Nov 1854, and died 2 days later. He was the son of Harry Ross-Lewin, who fought in the Peninsular War and Waterloo and died in 1843. Their Memorial in Ennis Co Clare.

GerBrowne4: Surgeon John D M Swinburne Co Clare, Indian Medical Staff Bengal died on the 14th Sept 1890. Son of Major General J D Swinburne. This Memorial was erected by the 19th Bengal Lancers in Clonlara Co Clare as a token of their esteem. He is buried in Lewisham.

IndoSport: John Mullane: It’s absolutely ludicrous what people are saying about Clare... they will be competitive for a long time

EKM_UK: Meet Kate, the Director of Resin8 which was originally founded in 2006 by Clare John. Kate joined the Resin8 team in 2011 and helped to take the business online, managing the website, marketing, managing stock and book-keeping

mairanmairan: Rudimental - Not Giving In ft. John Newman & Alex Clare [Official Video]

ChristaKinde: "I found my poems in the fields, and only wrote them down." —John Clare amwriting

childs_poemaday: “Little Trotty Wagtail” by John Clare. Painting by John J. Muth.

B_Strawbridge: Opening lines from John Clare's poem, 'May' Victorian engraving 'Cuckoo and Swallow', 1897 - unknown artist

XiaoXMaVictoria: Literary Criticism Is Not Fictional Reading John Clare’s letters : “Sir, if you were alive, you would think I’m mad!”

nchsmith: Healing Gardens for people with Alzheimer’s John Zeisel interviews Clare Cooper-Marcus

SkinInTheGaame: The John Conlon centre-back experiment continues for Clare. Should be a cracker up against Davy Fitz’s Wexford!

RamOrigami: John Clare

GerBrowne4: Harry Ross-Lewin from Clare fought in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo. He wrote three volumes of his memoirs on his time in the British army. His account of Waterloo is one of the best.

DebsNaylor: My husband rang me in a panic this morning as he left his wallet on the bonnet of the car while loading it, drove off and didn't realise until he was in Clare. It has just been returned by a lady who spotted it on the road, battered but everything still in it! People are lovely❤

DEATHSNEWS: Obituary - Death : Clare GAA was deeply saddened to hear of the p...

ExpertFreelan13: Analysis of the poem ‘School Boys in Winter’ by John Clare? Can someone provide me with a link or their own…

ivybridgebooks: Bestsellers for our first month since opening! Lots of local flavour, including books from Ivybridge authors Pip Payne, Clare Helen Walsh and Julian Mitchell, plus local history from John and Kim Van Der Kiste, Dartmoor 365, and the wonderful If You Go Down to the Woods Today!

people: John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Are Dating: Source​

salehbadrah: Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come, For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom. ~ John Clare

poetictouch: Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come, For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom. ~ John Clare

HildaMadeira: grammer in learning is like tyranny in government, confound the bitch, i'll never be her slave. john clare

MaxRobertFinch: Wanted to take a moment to remember John Smith who sadly passed away on this day in 1994. A man who mentored both Gordon Brown & Tony Blair & a man who's who's passing was a huge loss to the Labour Party.

ablackbirdsang: 'Come we to the summer, to the summer we will come, For the woods are full of bluebells and the hedges full of bloom, Circular wall art featuring lines from John Clare's poem 'Summer'.

legrandsoir: Shadows of War (Clare Daly, Franck Magennis, David McBride, John Rees, facilitated by Kareem Dennis)

alextomo: John Teggart of Ballymurphy Families on Govt plans for possible amnesty on soldiers who killed in NI unlawfully - would you want an amnesty if people got shot in London or Liverpool?

Onryavzz: I Am! - John Clare - I am—yet what I am none cares or knows; My friends forsake me like a memory lost: I am the self-consumer of my woes— They rise and vanish in oblivious host, Like shadows in love’s frenzied stifled throes And yet I am, and live—like vapours tossed ***

RamOrigami: Emanuel The Herbalist Kizuna & Lady of Shalott John Clare

Gerrarrdus: Bluebell wood in John Clare Country and I just heard a cuckoo

holy_schnitt: I love when people are named ‘john’ like your parents really just said “yeah the default is fine”

KirkdaleBooks: John Clare uses the word "puddock" to denote a kite (the bird) In Scotland a puddock is a frog What's that about

rcbsport: Top NACAI men in action Willie Keane All Ireland Senior Cross-Country Champion and Michael McGrath All-Ireland Junior Cross Country Champion. Both from St.John’s AC Kilkee County Clare. Credit: NACA Athletics Founded 1922 Facebook Page

Chorley_Mon: My boyhood CFC heroes were John Brady & Phil Power. It's easy to forget we have a new generation of fans attracted to the club over the last 10 yrs who have their own players to attribute their love of the club to. I've seen several say James Dean was that player: What a legacy.

starlessreaders: April books pt.3 - the bell jar, sylvia plath ★★★ - city of glass, cassandra clare ★★★ - the devil in the dark water, stuart turton ★★★ - mindhunter, john douglas - shadow and bone, leigh bardugo ★★★ - dune, frank herbert ★★★★ - tlf, rick riordan ★★★

thepmanofficial: Clare GAA Chairman, Jack Chaplin opens the May meeting with a moment's silence for John Hanly of Clarecastle and Anthony Kelly, a grandfather of Clare hurler Tony Kelly.

GaaClare: Clare GAA was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of former County Board chairman John Hanly. One of the most revered figures in GAA circles over the past 70 years the Clarecastle native made his mark at national coaching level.

n_a_gilbert: * NEW PAPER * Integrating harvest and camera trap data in species distribution models Out now in Biological Conservation:

dean_frey: Augustus John by George Bernard Shaw County Clare, Ireland, c. 1915

SophieMHistory: Speaking of madness, I had cause to read about the physician who signed off on John Clare's asylum admission today. Reason for admission? "Years addicted to poetical prosings"

GerBrowne4: John Philip Holland from Co Clare developed the first submarine to be commissioned by the US Navy and the Royal Navy. Within 40 days of his death in 1914, one German submarine in less then one hour sank three British Light Cruisers, claiming 1400 lives.

GerBrowne4: General Sir John Ormsby Vandeleur from Co Clare commanded the 4th Cavalry Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo, and from the time that The Earl of Uxbridge was wounded and had to leave the field he commanded, as next senior, the whole of the British cavalry.

GerBrowne4: Air Marshall Sir Harold John Maguire RAF from Co Clare, commanded No 229 Squadron from Sept 1939 - Sept 1940. He led it from Biggin Hill Kent, after it was re-equipped with Hurricanes, to cover the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk.

SharonLathan: Underappreciated Poets: John Clare & Henry Kirke White, by Sharon Lathan, Novelist. Two poets from the Regency Era.

BenCameron4: UPDATE: The Riverton man who felt "entitled to shoot" two Labradors on his property has been fined nearly $5000, story to come.

TheBCGNews: ‘We’ll miss them everyday’: Man fined for shooting pets

GerBrowne4: Captain John Forster Fitzgerald Co Clare, 14th Hussars, died at Ramnagar in the Sikh war on the 28th Nov 1848, aged 27. He was killed in a desperate charge by his regiment on the Siagh's cavalry on the banks of the Chenab in the Punjab. Remembered on the Coney Island monument.

LesleyRiddoch: Fierce denial by unionists continues in wake of overwhelming SNP victory, which translated into old money (Westminster's FPTP) would have yielded 110/129 seats. And that's despite huge unionist tactical voting in marginal seats (a/c to Prof John Curtice) It's a win. Get o'er it.

BenCameron4: Riverton man who shot dead two labradors on his property fined nearly $5000.

ClareFM: Tributes Paid To Former County Board Chair & Clare GAA President John Hanly

HayesEnnis: Radio Beams this weeks show is with John Conroy who volounteers in Uganda and also does his own keep fit programmess around Clare for over the fifties. Tune in Tuesday 3.30pm

IRA16441449: And meet joy in these dew-falling hours. For Nature is love, and finds haunts for true love, Where nothing can hear or intrude; It hides from the eagle and joins with the dove, In beautiful green solitude. John Clare

journalupdate: SALISBURY ST PAUL'S WARD John Farquhar (Con)341 Mary Webb (Con)431 Benji Goehl (GP)204 Jane Jarvis (GP)196 Cathy Thomas (GP)287 Clare Moody (Lab) 324 Paul Clegg (Lab) 333 Steve Fear (Lab) 324 Samuel Charleston (LD)409 Victoria Charleston (LD)443 Sam Foster (LD) 251

KeithGreentree: Oh the joy of a beautiful day-and some brilliant music to make it even better! Hear new music from Thomas Rhett, Hayley McKay.John Hogan & if you say so we’ll play Lindsay Ell! Birthday Celebs this week include Darius Rucker,Clare Bowen & Ronnie Dunn. Plus another 20 tracks at 2.

journal_gem: SALISBURY ST PAUL'S WARD John Farquhar (Con)341 Mary Webb (Con)431 Benji Goehl (GP)204 Jane Jarvis (GP)196 Cathy Thomas (GP)287 Clare Moody (Lab) 324 Paul Clegg (Lab) 333 Steve Fear (Lab) 324 Samuel Charleston (LD)409 Victoria Charleston (LD)443 Sam Foster (LD) 251

LimerickGAAzine: John Flanagan A no-nonsense centre-forward, the Feohanagh-Castlemahon legend gave fantastic service to Limerick in the '80s. He made his 1st appearance for the seniors in Tulla (v Clare) on Feb 24th,1980. His son Séamus gave a MOTM performance v Tipp this weekend. GWStatSheet 27

davenewworld_2: Submit a letter to your local newspaper in favor of eliminating the filibuster:

unitedeuro2: Poem: Trespass by John Clare | Questions Answers | Words Meanings | Grade 6

itsme_victorone: Here are some screenshots from my animation class final project: Balls to the Wall. I made a great montage of John Wall, animated on top of it, and had a ton of fun. Here’s the YT link for those who would like to watch!

yorangtiger1403: sink, josh, clare, john, ginger, ram, migz, jian, luiz, drew, anika, invel, allen, dane, jack, azlan, aven, lily, joy, rod, zach

Jogwiththedog: Embarrassed to find the origin of a different name for Longtail tits -bum barrels, came from John Clare. Believe I even asked fellow bird watchers to please call them lollipops!

IndoSport: John Conlon retuns to captain Clare – but is named at centre back in left-field selection

PaulFaulkner2: CHORLEY RURAL WEST (CON HOLD) John Clare - Green Party - 246 Keith Iddon (INC & GL) - Conservative Party - 2288  Alan Whittaker - Labour Party - 1938 John Wright - Liberal Democrats - 250

ravenrietveld: — light of the world, hold me Mary Oliver, excerpt of "That Sweet Flute John Clare", in West Wind

DianaVonRigg: £100 from a new admirer, john. It's a wonderful feeling when a boi has a world of common sense.

NNorthantsC: The elected members for Irthlingborough John Pyel in the Town and Parish elections are: Pauline Boyer (Con) Jon Gray (Lab) Ethan Hopkinson (Con) Clare Kearns-Gray (Lab) Roger Powell (Con) Tracey Walton (Con) For full results, visit:

Wordsworthians: Today's picture: John Clare's grave in Helpston, Northamptonshire. The inscription says 'A poet is born not made'

kjavadizadeh: Ok John Clare sure sure

CllrAndy4Ward8: John Swinney threatens legal action if WM says no to a S30. That concedes power to WM to decide and will tie us up for years. Scotland is no further forward.

ChorleyCouncil: Other candidates: Clare, John (GRN) 339 Sloan, Pam (LAB) 669 Sloan, Paul Mark (LAB) 715 Turner, Caroline Elizabeth (LAB) 786 Wright, John Patrick (LD) 416 (2/2)

mlverney: In no doubt the first of many things that I didn't see coming in this year's hurling season, John Conlon being named at centre-back for Clare against Antrim on Sunday is right out of left field!

IndoSport: John Conlon retuns to captain Clare – but is named at centre back in left-field selection

TheScotsman: SNP HOLD Motherwell and Wishaw Clare Adamson re-elected as MSP LIVE results here:

LesleyRiddoch: Ah well. Jackie Baillie hangs onto Dumbarton for Labour so hard for SNP to reach a working majority on their own. Evidently tactical voting. SNP vote up & Tory vote down 6%. John Curtice speculates SNP/Green majority may force Nicola to press more strongly for indyref2.

danhollandnews: RESULT Heaton: Andrew Gray (GRN) - 658 Steve Handford (COMM) - 99 Hamish John (CON) - 294 Clare Penny-Evans (LAB) - 1592 Fiona Punchard (LD) - 602 LAB HOLD

Naturalcalendar: John Clare mentions it in Spring as a plant of April and May: Above the Quick set blooms 'Jack by the hedge' His white flowers shine all down the narrow lane In April sunshine still a welcome pledge To show warm weather brings wild flowers again.

GRS_TUDublin: Congratulations to Carolina Bassul, who successfully defended her PhD, entitled "Environmental Influences on the Health of Pre-Schoolers: The Pre-School, the Home and the Neighbourhood Environments”, supervised by Prof. John Kearney and Prof. Clare Corish (UCD)

JohnClarePoetry: John Clare: “I am often troubled...”

em_john: Can we spread some actual facts about this Rachael Heyhoe Flint statue 'controversy'? 1) Clare Connor didn't 'propose' the statue this week. MCC have been discussing the idea for a while and it's been warmly embraced by pretty much everyone who's heard about it 1/2

em_john: 2) The MCC 'opposition' was a couple of chaps disagreeing with Clare at an online meeting whose contributions were met with indifference by all but the journalists who then wrote about them. Sorry these facts are so dull and there's no actual controversy to get wound up about…

beatricegroves1: 'And gaping cuckoo-flower... Seems blushing of the singing it has heard' (John Clare) The delicate pastel shades of cuckooflower/lady's-smock in Iffley mead. It is so named as it blooms as the cuckoo starts to sing. Keep your ears pricked...

The42_ie: Adrian Mullen and John Conlon are back from injury.

NouveauDeco: The Princess in the Forest from 1905 by Swedish Art Nouveau illustrator John Bauer (1882-1918).

welfordwrites: Winter Evening, a poem by John Clare. A sonnet that observes the animals and birds found on a farm with neither piety nor sentimentality. Click the link!

FocasInstitute: Congratulations to Carolina C. Bassul, who successfully defended her PhD, entitled "Environmental Influences on the Health of Pre-Schoolers: The Pre-School, the Home and the Neighbourhood Environments”, supervised by Prof. John Kearney and Prof. Clare Corish (UCD)

MHCIreland: We released three inspection reports this morning concerning mental health centres in Clare, Sligo and Roscommon. You can read our statement here:

SamiRamadani1: Saturday don't miss great International Festival My session: 11:00 - 12:30 GMT Shadows of War...& getting war criminals to face justice: Clare Daly, Rod Driver, Franck Magennis, David McBride, Sami Ramadani, John Rees facilitated by Kareem Dennis (Low Key)

TelfordLDR: Before we begin, let's take a moment to remember we're here tonight, partly, because Councillors Frank Burns, Liz Clare, Beryl Onions and John Smart cannot be. I found all four to be approachable, informed and good-humoured, and know they are sadly missed in their communities.

HeaneyDaily: And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life. Beannacht / Blessing John O'Donohue

MSNBC: "If it was you, or me, or your ordinary John or Mary, they would be prosecuted," Rep. Demings reacts to fmr. AG Barr on Trump investigation. "If we are who say we are in this country ... then they should, they must be prosecuted."

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Ioana Virginia Bolba: John Clare is a wonderful poet. At first sight, one may think he is superficial, but going into details, we discover an intuitive poet, writing only about what he himself felt (not thought), and offering an interesting life lesson, an example of how we should enjoy small things and, most of all, against that rude running after money and not understanding what life actually means.

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