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JonRothstein: Hinkle Fieldhouse has been a place where many top tier Big East teams have gone to die. Butler with home wins over Creighton, Seton Hall, St. John's, and now Villanova. Cats are probably off the two seed line.

mad_sincere: I love that Elton John loves Schitt’s Creek as much as we do. I also love Clare’s face in this picture.


jerseycusdno100: Congrats to Emma Plasmeier for signing with John Wood Community College! Emma will be playing softball for the JWCC Blazers.

EternalEnglish: My latest poetry reading. Watch "'I am!' by the English poet, John Clare 1793 - 1864" on YouTube

IanBuckley4: The hedger toils oft scaring rustling doves From out the hedgrows who in hunger browze The chockolate berrys on the ivy boughs And flocking field fares speckld like the thrush Picking the red awe from the sweeing bush ––John Clare, MARCH (The Shepherd’s Calendar)

ErinLafford: ‘How bright thy modest unaffected pride’ (John Clare, ‘The Primrose’)

EternalEnglish: My reading of the famous poem by the English poet, John Clare. 'For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out'. 'I am!' by the English poet, John Clare 1793 - 1864

SustransEMids: Taking a break with John Clare, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and W. J. Bassett-Lowke in the Winter sun on Route 6

SaltWireNetwork: Eastern Health says it's convinced COVID-19 outbreak at St. Clare's Hospital in St. John's is contained | SaltWire

poemtoday: Louise Erdrich and John Clare....

RadioTfsc: Danny keeps thinking about the meaning of Born Into the River. Ah dont worry Dan will tell you more about This Life and is Handing Out Shovels. Roger and Angelina dont want shovels. Last time John & Clare got under Friendly Fire Enjoy it here

microbius: The song thrush from lockdown 1 reappears, propped and primed along the chimney stack, peeping stray notes like a saxophonist teasing the reed, constructing disconnected phrases into languid play of intricate intermittent melody. John Clare, sort of

StJohnsTelegram: COVID-19 outbreak at St. Clare's Hospital in St. John's involves a 'small number' of patients and employees, says Eastern Health | The Telegram

StJohnsTelegram: Eastern Health convinced COVID-19 outbreak at St. Clare's Hospital in St. John's is contained | The Telegram

Avalon709: Sounds like there were about 8 cases at St Clare’s hospi but they were still awaiting more test results fri aft. There is also a cluster, bigger outbreak at Health Sciences, larger teaching hosp. 17 used as ball park figure by HCS CEO. The 2 main hosp’s in St John’s Metro. So 25

Beepees: New artwork for sale! - "St John's Church in Ruins, Co, Clare" -

rbclouston: St. John’s, Newfoundland (NL) Covid-19 variant B117 outbreak 03-25Feb 565 cases 2 patients contracted virus at St. Clare's Hospital after positive employee advised to work Eastern Health mum on details | CBC News

BmillsBilly: Pages: The final sonnet transposition from John Clare

welfordwrites: Winter Evening, a poem by John Clare. A sonnet that observes the animals and birds found on a farm with neither piety nor sentimentality. Click the link!

microbius: Check out my final sonnet transposition from John Clare (with video, guide to the 'English Strain' project, and plans...)

fshakir: Sen. John Thune, opposing $15 min wage, says he earned $6 as a kid—that's $24 with inflation

SaskPCAP: The larva, or baby Tiger Salamanders will transform in August. Juveniles and Adults have a dark back and some individuals have a mottling of yellow, tan or green. Image: Flickr Creative Commons/ John P Clare

ilenproject: Built 1926 - a laden St Senan, sometime in the late 1940s when owned by John Walsh is out from her home port of Foynes, Co. Limerick and approaching Cahercon Quay, Co. Clare from the southwest - she with the Alzina, Edgar & Indus were the last small traders of the Lower Shannon.

clare_stagg: I like John Fetterman a lot and I love that he’s just kind of a troll

tssaa: Class A-AA Medalists (195) 1st Place - Ethan Sutton (Pigeon Forge) 2nd Place - Preston Worley (Signal Mountain) 3rd Place - Nathan Montpool (Nolensville) 4th Place - Arie Donaldson (Fairview) 5th Place - John Geist (Livingston Academy) 6th Place - Sean Clare (Sullivan South)

BaltimoreParade: 24 Feb 1841, Liscannor, Co. Clare: John Holland born. The engineer/inventor was the father of the modern submarine. Holland's 1881 prototype was known as the Fenian Ram because its development had been funded by the Fenian Brotherhood.

thepainterflynn: Today in 1841 John Philip Holland, inventor and developer of the modern submarine, is born in Co. Clare

RachelKellyNet: John Clare’s ‘Young Lambs’ - his celebration of spring as a time of renewal, when all sorts of things seem possible. This poem slows me down and makes me appreciate and be more attentive to my surroundings, which I tend to ignore when I’m busy and overwhelmed.

clare_jeffs: Can someone not turn John Whelan’s mic off again?! Please!!!

john_JustFacts: Correct Clare, auto text typo.

roch61: Scotland launches Wellbeing for Wee Ones

AMaskOfAnarchy: Tuesday, February 23rd Poetry, •Early Images by John Clare •The Morning Wind by John Clare •To Autumn by John Keats

Cousama_O3: John Clare - First Love

DrJACameron: wherein Henry VI can't compulsory purchase the swathe of land around the parish church of St John Zachary between Clare College and the Carmelites, and instead settles the New World

TRVanDeelen: Looking for a grad student to work on mammal communities and ice cover in The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Please share.

BookwormVaught: And finally. Hon Violet Gibson speaks about being remembered for strength, imagination, skill; for the dexterity of intellect & kindness. ‘Don’t let me be remembered only as a madwoman; as a case.’ She thinks, too, of the poet, John Clare, also a lifetime patient at St Andrew’s.

YstradHistory: What drives me nuts is conflicting information! After looking up Cecil Clare Gough's mother, Anna Maria Bamford Hesketh I found note her father was John.I look up Anna Maria's brother and this is wrong? They are both children of

YstradHistory: Anna Maria Bamford Hesketh married John Carstairs Jones & their daughter was Cecil Clare Jones. In 1880 she married Fleming R.D.A. Gough & her name was Cecil Clare Jones-Ford. If adding Ford is through an inheritance I was trying to trace antecedents to a Ford BUT...

B_Strawbridge: Win Green (Inspired by John Clare's, 'A Copse in Winter') etching - by local Shaftesbury based printmaker, Victoria Garland More of this artist's beautiful work here:

Ireland1911: John OKeeffe, a 6 year old Roman Catholic boy from Drumcaran Beg, Ennis Rural, Clare.

BillyMHonor: Dear members of Congress: posting Happy Birthday tweets and kind words about John Lewis is nice. Deciding to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act & the For The People Act 2021 would be much nicer.

AMaskOfAnarchy: My John Clare came in!! :)

RickHollandPoet: 'When blackbirds yellow bills gin first to sing'. Tourists from the scene used to go and visit John Clare to see how things went for the peasant poet, living hard. Peerless watcher, hit hard. Attention. Reputation. Fundamentals.

Roving_Bachelor: John and James... Carty vs Kelly - father & son (London / N. Connaught):

B_Strawbridge: "I miss the heath, its yellow furze Molehills and rabbit tracks that lead Through besom ling and teasel burrs That spread a wilderness indeed"

7_clare: John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Gary Moore - So Many Roads

B_Strawbridge: It's Only Bondage Was the Circling Sky: John Clare and the enclosure of Helpston A celebration of the poet John Clare, a passionate defender of the commons. By John Felstiner - for The Land Magazine....

Catholicnerd37: Close but not today’s five: St. Clare of Assisi St. Dominic St. Catherine of Siena Sts. Mary and Martha of Bethany St. Teresa of Calcutta St. Teresa of Ávila St. John Paul II St. John of the Cross St. Joseph St. Michael the Archangel

DiLarfing: Clare Clifford on Home to Roost (TV Series 1985–1990) S01EP6

ByLeavesWeLive: And when I saw a stranger face Where beauty held the claim, I gave it like a secret grace, The being of thy name. (John Clare)

John_D_Clare: Interesting thought-piece related to replicability, monitoring, and the frailty of individual studies:

MarkGraham_Akl: John Banks had removing libraries (and PT, too, but that’s another tweet) in the Birch Report (done surreptitiously, without tender) and even he stepped back from it. Libraries are increasingly at the heart of communities. Wellington CC really need to rethink this.

judeofelfhame: this was very interesting so some others are: dolores from westworld jane eyre jane bennet donna from that 70's show kylo ren alec lightwood jughead bubbles the creature/john clare from penny dreadful wes from htgawm quentin from the magicians cinderella inchresting.....

welfordwrites: Autumn Morning, a poem by John Clare. A series of impressions without a central message, couched in very interesting language. Click the link!

Ireland1911: John Garrahy, a 45 year old Roman Catholic general labourer from Lehinch Town, Ennistimon, Clare.

TakenVoid: RDR2- Rare moment of Arthur and John getting along This was for a request on tumblr but I lost who it was for so now it's for everyone

DiscussingFilm: Regina King is set to star as Shirley Chisholm in ‘SHIRLEY’ with John Ridley set to direct. (Source:

twiceasnice97: Really looking forward to John Fogartys column in the examiner about the disgraceful way Clare county board officials have behaved towards the clubs since the Agm. As a journalist who takes such a deep interest in off the field issues in Clare no doubt he has a piece ready to go

microbius: The Penultimate Versioning of John Clare's sonnets posted temporarily (with video and hornpipe) here ...

ManOfLaBook: Fun Facts Friday: John Clare

EevtSteve: Many thanks to all who have applied, our recent Members Mr Allan Clare AWC Training Ltd Member No 104 Mr John Lymn Workforce Development Consultancy Limited No 98 Erica Farmer Welcome Two Learning Ltd member No 106. Please be aware we have to wait for re…

Ireland1911: John Normoyle, a 6 year old Roman Catholic scholar from Finnor More, Clovnadrum, Clare.

RadioTfsc: The Dead Daisies Bustle And Flow to The One who Remember Your Scars. The Gypsy Moths know now We Can’t Go Home as long you hear the Duplicity of Pretty Vocies! Clare & John are under Friendly Fire now! Without You Sap they are lost Enjoy it here

paua_biologist: Here’s a way you can concretely help the women, especially women of color, that you work with in the field. Register for tomorrow’s webinar from Cornell. Safer Science: Strategies to protect at-risk researchers when conducting fieldwork

Kulambq: "The fir trees taper into twigs and wear The rich blue green of summer all the year, Softening the roughest tempest almost calm And offering shelter ever still and warm To the small path that towels underneath." ~ John Clare, "Firwood"

DBywyd: Khazar fake Jews below. Jeffery Epstein Maxwell Harvey Weinstein John Podesta Tony Podesta Anthony Wiener Clare Bronfman James Alefantis Lynn Rothschild The above are all connected to supplying & using child rape, child trafficking, and blackmailing of politicians.

Ireland1911: John Casey, a 3 year old Roman Catholic boy from Blean, Killadysert, Clare. Speaks English only.

ClareCoCo: In order to facilitate essential road works John O'Sullivan Park, Lees Road will be closed to the public 6am until 9am on Friday the 21st of February. Clare County Council regrets any inconvenience caused.

aIexthebrave: cassandra clare & john green books so fuvking overrated

NORTHTRENTON: Happy Birthday to Ismail Cem Ipekci (d. 2007), John Hadl, Hamzah Haz, Vaino Vahing (d. 2008), Florinda Bolkan, Brian Holland, Masaomi Kondo, Mick Avory, Jack Dann, John Helliwell, Douglas Hofstadter, Clare Short, John Adams, Mario Garcia, Marisa Berenson and Art Spiegelman.

RadioScrs: Rudimental Feat John Newman & Alex Clare - Not Giving In

WTW_StAustell: John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn & Clare Grogan play Gregory, Dorothy & Susan in 1981 film Gregory's Girl.

SplendideMenda5: However, I hate to see certain very important contributors to what should be a rational public debate being treated the way they have been. I am thinking partcularly of Karol Sikora and Carl Heneghan but also Clare Craig and John Lee.

abosimian: Proper cold yesterday on Lippits Hill. Blue plaque to John Clare at the bottom of it

Lenniesaurus: Scots word of the day: JO Meaning: beloved, darling, dear, my love (see John Anderson my Jo) Example: Whether yous hae yer ain jo, or yous ur yer ain jo, I hope yous hud a phenomenal Valentine's day If ye dinnae like or recognise Valentine's day I hope ye hud a nice Sunday. X

profbate: I need John Clare to write me a poem called “The Hummingbird’s Nest”. Unbelievable how small it is!

WCHS_Gleaner: Our prayers are with Mrs. Sulentic, Holy Family's Human Resources director, and alumni Maggie, Clare, Anna & John.

mgnbrns: two of my favourite poems for the day that’s in it - John Clare & Wendy Cope

highbrow_nobrow: Lara Trump, the wife of President Donald Trump’s second oldest son, Eric Trump, and John Pence, the nephew of Vice President Mike Pence, sat on the board of a LLC shell company that reportedly diverted campaign funds to members of the Trump family.

BlatherTunes: Into the nothingness of scorn and noise, Into the living sea of waking dreams, Where there is neither sense of life nor joys, But the vast shipwreck of my life's esteems; Extract from- I am by John Clare

BlatherTunes: The first sight of Spring-John Clare

R0sL1n: On the Swallows Wing by Carry Akroyd wlth poetry by John Clare

astrotomato: A poem for your first ❤️ by John Clare. Read more about his fascinating life here (scroll to bottom for more poems)

irelandincolour: The publican on Fisherstreet in 1901 was John Shannon

Pravmir_English: 14 Facts about Christ and Almsgiving from Three Holy Hierarchs | Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the Synaxis of Three Holy Hierarchs – Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom.

theorthodoxview: Wherefore on no account suffer any evil habit to master thee; but, while it is yet young, pluck the evil root out of thine heart, lest it fasten on and strike root so deep that time and labor be required to uproot it. St John Damascene

microbius: A Conspiracy Theory Paranoid sonnet version of one of John Clare's (with video) ...

loveindites_jcm: "language has not the power to speak what love indites; the soul lies buried in the ink that writes" ~John Clare

thepmanofficial: First-look at the membership of Clare GAA’s new sub-committees focused on underage development, finance & Caherlohan. The four Chairmen are Simon Moroney, Chris Ryan, Joe Russell & John Kerin. MORE INFO:

Orgetorix: Emmonsail’s Heath in Winter, by John Clare (1793 1864)

JuliaHB1: I am more than happy for Prof John Edmunds to wear a face mask until the end of time if he so wishes. Or two masks if he prefers. Or a gimp mask if he feels that's more his kind of thing. But the rest of us won't be playing along with this madness for much longer.

ColwynGT: Rudimental - Not Giving In ft. John Newman & Alex Clare [Official Video]

clare_stagg: I’ll be honest, I don’t like Neera Tanden. at all, and I think she was a bad choice for this position. I do think this is funny tho, in a screwy kind of way... but also John Kennedy has no room to talk shit ya know

histmat: To celebrate the book's publication, Drexel University's history department is hosting an event this Friday, February 12th at 11am EST with Clare Anderson, Roquinaldo Ferreira, and Nic John Ramos. A second link is also below with the zoom information.

AscensionArcana: And don't despise your betters cause they're old. — John Clare

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Ioana Virginia Bolba: John Clare is a wonderful poet. At first sight, one may think he is superficial, but going into details, we discover an intuitive poet, writing only about what he himself felt (not thought), and offering an interesting life lesson, an example of how we should enjoy small things and, most of all, against that rude running after money and not understanding what life actually means.

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