I still remember the day I saw you
What you wore how you looked
And I did some stupid things I can't lie
Maybe because I was still but a child

Been five years down that road and am here
But where is here that question I don't know
Am still stuck to the love-you/">I love you part
Am still stuck to your smile to your personality

Am still stuck cause every time I move on
All I think about is you how you are faring on
Yet that ain't enough so am still stuck
I don't ever want to stop loving you

Because where it stands I am stuck on you
Am still in love with you and I am still here
So let me be stuck cause I want to be stuck
I don't care of who got something to say

Cause I love you not anyone else
Yet am stuck but you ain't I can't change
What I did in the past but I have changed now
So my question is are you still here for me?