It won't be about the white dress I will wear
It will not be about the food and the guest
It will not be about the beauty of my makeup
All I want is you to know am always here

When the day is hard on you I will hold you
I will always be there to support you
To remind you of your loved ones not only me
To love you when we are good or bad

To love your family as I do love my own
To tell you all my troubles and listen to yours
To hug you every time I get a chance to
To sit and talk if we got issues between us

I promise you that I will always love you
I promise that I will always look after you
I promise to always be by you in all situations
I promise to be a good mother to our children

I promise to be a good friend to you
I promise to be understanding to all our situations
So I am writing this later to you because
I am waiting for you to be by you all my days