Am going to write my story in words
Been that girl who fell in love a little bit late
After walking away from the one I loved
Then did my best to try and correct my mistakes

After a lot of storms in my life and love
All I always wanted was to be loved
To be able to really know how true love feels
But there is nothing sweet in rushing to love

Got my heart broken so many times
Was the type of girl who believed in love
Yet I never knew how to start loving myself
I never felt beautiful so I hid behind make up

Maybe all I wanted was one person to notice me
My friends kept telling me how beautiful I am
How kind hearted and strong I am
Yet that was not enough for me to see

I begun waking up and started telling myself
That I am so beautiful and I am so strong
That little thing that I did made me see
I was able to see that all I needed was self love