Sweet Peas Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


By helpful fingers taught to twineA
Around its trellis grewB
A delicate and dainty vineA
The bursting bud its blossom signA
Inlaid with honeyed dewB
Developing by every artC
To floriculture knownD
From tares exempt and kept apartC
Careful as if in some fond heartC
Its legume germs were sownD
So thriving not for me aloneD
Its beauty and perfumeE
Ah no to rich perfection grownD
By flower mission loved and knownD
In many a darkened roomE
And once in strange and solemn placeF
Mid weeping uncontrolledG
Upon the crushed and snowy laceF
I saw them scattered 'round a faceF
All pallid still and coldG
Oh some may choose as gaudy showsH
Those saucy sprigs of prideI
The peony the red red roseH
But give to me the flower that growsH
Petite and pansy eyedI
Thus meditation on Sweet PeasJ
Impels the ardent thoughtK
Would maidens all were more like theseJ
With modesty that true heartseaseJ
Tying the lover's knotL

Hattie Howard


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