Poetry Books by Hattie Howard

Hattie Howard Books, Hattie Howard poetry book Silent Hattie Speaks Authors: Hattie Wyatt Caraway, Diane Kincaid Blair, Frank P. King, Diane D. Blair
Publisher: Praeger
Published Date: 1979
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
This Sinfionetta contains the basic ingredients of a Symphony, viz. and Allegro, a Scherzo, a slow movement and a final Allegro. These elements are compressed into a one-movement form and the final Allegro is a recapitulation of the first, albeit with considerable variation. There is also a short fugue, for strings alone, between the opening Allegro and the Scherzo, which consolidates the musical ideas used throughout the piece. This work may be played by a chamber ensemble with a string nonet, for which it was originally written, or with a full orchestral string section.

Hattie Howard Books, Hattie Howard poetry book RetroAge Authors: Hattie Wiener, Sallie Batson
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Health & Fitness
A program designed to slow and reverse the aging process provides advice on healthy eating, exercising for the body and mind, and proper skin care, as well as motivational thoughts from the author

Hattie Howard Books, Hattie Howard poetry book One Hundred Years Later Authors:
Published Date: 1962
This book, containing five autobiographies, is a sequel to "This trail of life," the autobiography of Rev. George Roberts Sanner (1858/1861- 1931), a Methodist minister of Freeland, Maryland, and the father of these five children by his second wife, Laura Isabelle Mackey Sanner (1863-1926).

Hattie Howard Books, Hattie Howard poetry book Self-Concept Authors: John Hattie
Publisher: Psychology Press
Published Date: 2014-03-05
Categories: Psychology
The aim of this book is to discuss the notions of self-concept, self-esteem, and related terms from an educational and psychological perspective. Specifically, this book is concerned with developing a model of self-concept -- and corollaries to this model -- that assesses the dimensionality of self-concept, reviews tests of self-concept, discusses the relationship between self- concept and other variables (particularly achievement), describes the development of self-concept, and evaluates programs to enhance self-concept. Throughout this volume, emphasis is placed on ordering the many studies using recent methodological advances such as meta-analysis and the analysis of covariance structures. After detailing a conceptual model of self-concept, the book offers various experimental and statistical discussions of the model. Unlike many other models, the claim is not that this model is the correct one but that it may serve as a useful "coathanger" until a better one is devised.

Hattie Howard Books, Hattie Howard poetry book Women of Uncommon Valor Authors: Geraldine Watts Bell, Hattie Griffin Lamar
Publisher: Government Institutes
Published Date: 2010-03-19
Categories: Education
This book discusses women who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the various endeavors through which they have fulfilled their lives and contributed to the city of Birmingham. Despite experiencing degrees of gender, racial, class or ideological discrimination, these women are goal-directed and determined, rendering knowledge, experience, and wisdom to readers.

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