Parts of me refuse to submit,
never to let tame;
Aiming to destroy Able,
so only Cain will remain.

No need to discuss what'll bend,
let lesser parts,
be crushed till lights rend.
Kings of sweet, soft, and ease,
we serve till our end.

Where exploring's a sin,
and expedience reigns,
sacrificing tomorrow,
to abolish all pains.

The creators' gift,
is twisted into a noose,
artfully molding,
suffering for personal use.

In utter darkness's infinite depths.
Am I me?
the beginning?
While underground forces,
won't let be?

In thunder Wisdom speaks,
"When opposites turn equally,
with an eye single,
you'll see,
suffering's the gate,
and the doubts,
that are key."

Wait, it gets deeper………….
Why now?
And you say be still and Allow?

Have I cut the branch on which I've lived?
Of falling,
will I,
could I,
ever be rid?

Will tension be held,
allowing opposites' voice,
Will light rend dark,
clarifying a choice?

As a hatch-ling tumbling,
for help,
my beak sings.
Bringing other sharp talons,
with encircling stings,
as they pry open,
my tormented wings.

Why does falcon strike me between the horns,
while hardened branches stab me with thorns?

Slashing shells from my eyes,
giving light to see;
Closer to my trunk,
they lovingly nudge me.

They aren't adding pain to my pitiful body's rend.
Love opens my wings only feathers before I end.

With urgent speed,
over distance, I climb,
remembering home,
beyond realms of time.

Pains rain,
till rainbows point,
where home's found.
I finally can see,
the path infinitely round,
only beaks before,
I slam into the ground.

Foolishness says,
"the lower can fly to gain,
without any guidance or pain;"
But unknown-unknowns will remain,
until illuminated in the absence of shame.

I've finally emerged to realize,
without a false bloodied disguise.
After dissecting wounds,
most extensive in size,
that through,
these shell-free eyes,
I can understand,
God's original guise.

Waves of struggle and peace,
all meant to remind,
if in truth,
you seek,
then it's Truth,
you'll find.

Between space,
where the holy reside,
peacefully saying,
"hold on through high-tide,
your supported,
keep fighting urges to hide.

Befriend the anger used to sear,
it's your turn to reflect,
and become Lights mirror.
So rise up,
be the eagle and the wave,
that darkness cowers,
hiding and afraid.
Always remembering,
you've been empowered,
to Bind and to Save."