My fetter to awe,
like the touch,
of my Cubs paw,
pulls my viewing,
far from places of stewing.

With a perspective that's higher,
awareness kindles,
a Love never ceasing to inspire;
and release,
angers' self-centered desire;
Choosing now,
with You to forever retire.

Turn off the mind,
looking with heartful lenses,
aimed at what's kind.

Only then,
you'll be sure find,
all beauty meant to re-Mind.

The birth of morning rings,
as the dawn bird sweetly sings,
while rain,
washes the scales off the bind,
to see all,
matter meant to fall behind.

The language within my heart,
is One,
that doesn't end or start;
Like a river,
to all, It'll forever impart.

The eternal alter,
where I offer,
sacrificing the ways I falter.

The gate where feelings enter,
leading back Home,
to One ever-peaceful center.

Where I aim my orientation,
not to do, but be me,
in every situation.

My beautiful fetter of gold,
with its sharp tip,
pierces through fears of being bold.
As a Guardian, I know,
Wholeness can't be bought or sold,
and eternal Truths,
won't wrinkle, break, or grow old.

when it seems all turns to lifeless stone,
and I'm getting trimmed down,
deep to the bone.

I'll see the perfect space,
for my heart of flesh, deep and open;
to allow feelings to flow,
and those I need to soak in.