Evan Fitzgerald Poems

  • 1.
    Remember the lilies,

    defined by all spectrum of light,

  • 2.
    Love requires all to,
    rise up with a chin held high,
    and shoulders back,
    to see the Light, and on it, rely.
  • 3.
    On the battleground of adoration.
    can you see deadwood burning?
    to unify,
    in remembrance,
  • 4.
    My fetter to awe,
    like the touch,
    of my Cubs paw,
    pulls my viewing,
  • 5.
    Parts of me refuse to submit,
    never to let tame;
    Aiming to destroy Able,
    so only Cain will remain.
  • 6.
    the body isn't much,
    But as One,
    maintains greatness as such.
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