On the battleground of adoration.
can you see deadwood burning?
to unify,
in remembrance,
of One,
solidarity's returning!

Then Love,
In spring Sunshine,
each dawn reincarnates the Divine.

Ego prefers to remain the same,
while rivers of misery rain,
In the back of your tormented brain.

Love risks saying what you don't wanna hear.
Ego would rather you sit in fear.

Ego sees submission as weak,
Not as loves magical peak.

Love accepts while ego rejects,
all pains of the soul,
ego neglects;
But this raises a vital,
and integral introspective subject.

Love doesn't seek to win,
Only to eternally begin.

It forces to the surface,
all things that defy Its purpose.

With a smile Love bows down,
By allowing betrayal,
It gains the Crown.