Remember the lilies,

defined by all spectrum of light,

see each integral petal,

from fullness to wholeness,

transformed by each storms cutting blight,

into a soft glimmering,

gliding petal of white,

flying downward,

in the loneliness of night.

To be authored as integral,

a part of a flawless whole,

each stroke a masterpiece,

and single petals vital role,

echoing essential memories,

as time demands its toll.

A cleansed perception,

aiming sense to the core,

eyes pierce the dark surface,

shining through to infinitely more.

In its descent, the petal looks up whispering,

look at me soar!

In each discordance,

our inter-being is defined,

molded by hands,

of internal tension,

we allow parts to be refined.

But, not until owning,

enemy's within projected,

till the blind see with clarity,

as each fear-filled impulse is corrected.

No need to force brilliance,

all arbitrary expectations,

impede the truth in beautiful resilience.

Disown thoughts of not enough,

be still and allow,

Truth to smooth what's still rough.

Tension seeks resolution,

embodied in presence,

on the edge of each pole,

lies potentials essence.

Contradiction seeking peace,

leans over the edge,

a voice representing value,

informed by the wedge,

intuition points to purpose,

within the opposing dredge.

Contemplation catalyzes a transmutation,

of suffering,

while evolving desire in sublimation.

Living between worlds,

like a honey bee between sky and earth,

going from group to self encircling,

guides the petal back to the source of rebirth.

Love is as much for the fall,

as to raise up tall,

to be infinitely Authored,

by the encircling All-in-All.