the body isn't much,
But as One,
maintains greatness as such.

What's an eye,
without its nerve?
Lacking connection,
how could it serve?

Wholeness requires each integral member,
to serve their purpose,
encouraging all with a small ember,
a portion of Light,
catalyzes desire to remember.

When tyranny threatens,
a single eye fires a spark,
to show its wholeness,
it's now time to embark.

But what of equity,
shouldn't an eye or a toe,
have right to the mouths jollity?
If each's the same,
a liver could take a brains' polity?

By allowing fear to name,
we choose dismemberment,
revealing our willfully blind aim,
to use others,
for individual egocentric gain.

Don't you see,
by allowing your bane,
you impose light stifling pain,
and oppose joys wholeness,
dividing all for tyranny to reign.

By understanding each part,
you'll grow to know The Whole,
offering redeeming grace,
to respect each integral soul.