One Year ago-jots what?
God-spell the word! I-can't-
Was't Grace? Not that-
Was't Glory? That-will do-
Spell slower-Glory-

Such Anniversary shall be-
Sometimes-not often-in Eternity-
When farther Parted, than the Common Woe-
Look-feed upon each other's faces-so-
In doubtful meal, if it be possible
Their Banquet's true-

I tasted-careless-then-
I did not know the Wine
Came once a World-Did you?
Oh, had you told me so-
This Thirst would blister-easier-now-
You said it hurt you-most-
Mine-was an Acorn's Breast-
And could not know how fondness grew
In Shaggier Vest-
Perhaps-I couldn't-
But, had you looked in-
A Giant-eye to eye with you, had been-
No Acorn-then-

So-Twelve months ago-
We breathed-
Then dropped the Air-
Which bore it best?
Was this-the patientest-
Because it was a Child, you know-
And could not value-Air?

If to be "Elder"-mean most pain-
I'm old enough, today, I'm certain-then-
As old as thee-how soon?
One-Birthday more-or Ten?
Let me-choose!
Ah, Sir, None!