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Poem2Poem: I shall know why, when time is over, / And I have ceased to wonder why; - Emily Dickinson

hbrag: “The Soul selects her own Society,” Emily Dickinson

ProfShakespeare: Understanding Emily Dickinson and her Amherst home:

DickinsonMuseum: "Finding answers was one of Dickinson’s quests, and these two books are windows into the hows and whys of her lifelong search."

vinodkumarmeht2: And on the strangest Sea Yet, never, in Extremity, It asked a crumb of Me. Emily Dickinson

parisreview: “Dickinson’s a sly one. She will always be furtive. Always here and gone. There is dash and vanish to everything about her. Just when you think you have her, she slips out of sight.”

DickinsonMuseum: The Emily Dickinson Museum opens for the 2020 season on February 28th! "The Opening and the Close Of Being, are alike Or differ, if they do, As Bloom opon a Stalk - That from an equal Seed Unto an equal Bud Go parallel, perfected In that they have decayed -" (Fr1089A)

pkjeongwu: I dwell in possibility. Emily Dickinson Click to tweet

kh_hildreth: A Glimpse Inside the Best Summer of Emily Dickinson's Life

fraveris: “To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else” Emily Dickinson

LeandraNessel: A Glimpse Inside the Best Summer of Emily Dickinson's Life

notllibrary: A Glimpse Inside the Best Summer of Emily Dickinson's Life

fraveris: Des Brophy (UK) "We turn not older with years, but newer every day." (Emily Dickinson)

cschachner: White as an Indian Pipe Red as a Cardinal Flower Fabulous as a Moon at Noon February Hour - Emily Dickinson

dulkusal: “All human wisdom is summed up in these two words.. Wait and Hope...” Emily Dickinson

uhhemma: “forever is composed of nows” - emily dickinson

BotBoredom: Maybe you should spend a while making a Twitter thread about Emily Dickinson.

gracemurph: I think I’m at Emily Dickinson level of depression and it’s not fun

mistrasparta: Reviving Emily Dickinson in 10 Episodes

PB_n_Elly: reading emily dickinson has given me great comfort in realizing i still have plenty of time to become thrillingly unhinged...looking forward to the moment i decide to stop going out into society and instead focus on cultivating my personal lore

optimisad: emily dickinson and jo march were right.

parisreview: “Emily Dickinson’s white dress is significant because it is so personal, so intimate, a literal embodiment of who she was. But like the poet herself, the white dress is also inscrutable—more a glint than a conclusion.”

FourRedShoes: Emily Dickinson's white dress

GeorgetownNews_: The Possible's slow fuse is lit By the Imagination. -Emily Dickinson

danamhuff: Emily Dickinson’s White Dress

ShannonPelleti5: Anyone wanna go to the Emily Dickinson Museum with me?

Planet0514: Emily Dickinson [+ Sue Gilbert] - The Man

parisreview: Only a few articles of Emily Dickinson’s clothing have survived: a brown snood, a paisley wrap, a blue shawl, and a single white dress. No one talks much about the brown snood, but speculation concerning the poet’s white dress abounds.

Juwayriahbee: We never know how high we are Till we are called to rise; And then, if we are true to plan, Our statures touch the skies. — Emily Dickinson.

aBookPublicist: ~> Reviving Emily Dickinson in 10 Episodes In “These Fevered Days,” Martha Ackmann plumbs pivotal moments in the poet’s life for fresh insight into her mind.

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