Pomegranates and oranges
My favourite summer fruits

For three years, in my village, there used to be a shortage of these two fruits
and we were only allowed one fruit a day
But I liked the taste of pomegranates after stripping the oranges of their shields
So I found a piece of land, hidden in the space in between 2 valleys
And I grew as many pomegranates and oranges as I could

First-year - no yield, crops died
The drought meant I had to carry water up and down the valleys more than once every day
It was tiresome and I just wanted to enjoy the fruits of summer
Second year - very low yield didn't hold me up till the end of summer
Moving the crops to an area closer to water, meant that I didn't have to carry as much water as often as I would have had otherwise
In the third year - the ban was lifted and my yield was good enough to enjoy the fruits all year round
Lastly, because the ban was lifted, I was able to grow these fruits in a close-by garden

In three years, I found that green tips grew on the calluses of my palms and soles
And the fruits found a way to slither around my body and turn me into a tree.