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  • 1.
    Pomegranates and oranges
    My favourite summer fruits

    For three years, in my village, there used to be a shortage of these two fruits
  • 2.
    Earth-shattering beauty walks with you,
    Linked arms, shoulder-to-shoulder
    Stars burn themselves for the tan of your skin
    Your hair curls look so soft and well-kissed
  • 3.
    I would write myself to sleep if it wasn't for the kindness of strangers
    All I ever wanted was to break my own hands writing
    I want to see stars through my words
    I want to create worlds by cradling a story
  • 4.
    And just so you know
    You were always my favourites
    If God put each and every hair on my head, then he must have let me pick all of you
    Lord knows I would choose each and every one of you again
  • 5.
    I always come back to your arms darling
    When I most need something to help me stay afloat
    I wish I could reach out and hold your face close to my chest
    I always find myself looking for museums in people
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