Fruits Of Summer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Pomegranates and orangesA
My favourite summer fruitsB
For three years in my village there used to be a shortage of these two fruitsB
and we were only allowed one fruit a dayC
But I liked the taste of pomegranates after stripping the oranges of their shieldsD
So I found a piece of land hidden in the space in between valleysE
And I grew as many pomegranates and oranges as I couldF
First year no yield crops diedG
The drought meant I had to carry water up and down the valleys more than once every dayC
It was tiresome and I just wanted to enjoy the fruits of summerH
Second year very low yield didn't hold me up till the end of summerH
Moving the crops to an area closer to water meant that I didn't have to carry as much water as often as I would have had otherwiseI
In the third year the ban was lifted and my yield was good enough to enjoy the fruits all year roundJ
Lastly because the ban was lifted I was able to grow these fruits in a close by gardenK
In three years I found that green tips grew on the calluses of my palms and solesL
And the fruits found a way to slither around my body and turn me into a treeM

Eliah Leon
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/14/2023

Poet's note: Sometimes harsh conditions kill but other times it is actually the way we strategise and take care of what we are trying to grow and whilst we are figuring out how to take care of things, it is okay to wait, and fail and wait some more But not trying at all is unfair to our hearts which want to give so many things a go.


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