We are simply baring witness
To the image and the likeness

Of what God intended to see
When he decided what marriage would be

A man and woman joining lives
Boldly ensuring that it survives

Always placing their family above
Bestowing uncondotional love

With ethics, morals and structured rules
They equipped their children with all the tools

To be successful and be whole
They played their part and their role

But even when we made a mess
They never loved us any less

On bended knees they interceded
And from God they simply pleaded

That with his guidance and his hand
With much endurance, their family'd stand

They joined hands and stood together
Deciding that it would be forever

A celebration of 50 years
Filled with joy, success and tears

A marriage that stood the test of time
Maturing like it was premium wine

They are an example to us
Of strength, endurance, Faith and trust.

Crystal Koen