The Godly And Heavenly Rhymes
By The Christian Poet Of All Times;
Dedicated To Every Saint
To Wait On The Lord And Not Faint.

There Is A Place We Know Not Where
A Sacred Place For Saints So Dear;
It Is A Place Of Peace And Joy
A Place For Christians To Enjoy.

There We Shall Get The Robes So White
Oh! We'll Shine In Garments So Bright;
Where Angels Are As White As Snow
There The Saints Will Look Bright And Glow

Tho' The Journey Be Hard And Tough
And It's Pilgrims Look Bad And Rough;
Tho' Temptations Make Us To Fall
We'll Rise Again And Conquer All.

There We Will Rejoice With The Bride
Whose Light By Side Has Been Our Guide;
We'll Dine And Wine In His Presence
And Reign With Him In Excellence.