This journey of life has been undoubtedly rowdy
With the vision of our mission yet to be ready
But we have no intention of stopping here
For we're sure our resilience will keep us there
Earnestly endeavoring to make it happen
So we keep our eye on the price

Walking under the hot sun with our sons
Bear footed on the inevitable thorns
Meandering through the obstacles of the day
For this journey of life must pay

This is a journey of life and death
So we never quit but try to get to its depth
Even without knowing where to land
But optimistic about having an end to bland

With empty stomachs, we slept on our beds
With our heads raised to count the rafters
Waiting to welcome the new dawn
But aren't giving up because the vision must be attained

Comparing goals with achievements as we quietly sit
Imagining the augmented barriers ready to be served to us
We are still hopeful even though we stumble
We will tell our tales of victory, so we remain humble

This journey keeps serving us with uncertainty
Making the lucid road looks absurdity
Deeper and deeper we sunk into our thought
But we aren't going to stop, but keep pushing

As the Sun rises, new hope is found
As it sets, we only count our losses
We roll from one end to another
Eschewing our mischief
Despite the arrows, we stand!

Harder! Harder! we push
For we hope to grow from nothing to something without perishing
Keeping the soul in the body, as we wait for the light in the tunnel.