Alexis, he always laughs
Whatever happens he finds it funny.
He laughs when his life gets tough,
Or when he lacks a single penny.
He always bets a losing horse,
And when he loses he laughs of course.
He laughs when his pants get torn,
And stays all night and laughs till morn.
He laughs when he cannot find his shoe,
And when he sees his funny toe.
He laughs at his sharp nose
Or in the mirror at his eyes.
And all day at my cowboy hat
And says, "This one's for Don I bet."
He laughs at the graves beneath the willow,
And he laughs at his dirty pillow.
Always he mocks his two long feet
And laughs and make too much of it.
He laughs at the preacher in the pulpit
From head to toe he mocks his outfit.

But shocked I saw Alex today
As tears flowed and filled his eyes...
He couldn't tell what was the prob;
Because he laughed his voice away.