Biography of Bongiswa Gamedze

Bongiswa Khayelihle Gamedze is an 18 year old poet, born in 17 September 2001. He is an essayist, songwriter, but most proffessionally a poet. He began writing poetry at age 16, but only began publishing his poetry at age 18.
Most of his work is romantic art. Some of his work is inspired by nature, and also family.

He lives in a small town 'Siphofaneni,' found in the Lubombo region of ESwatini. That is where he spent most of his childhood, schooling at Siphofaneni Primary School. In 2015, entered secomdary education at Duze High School, where he finished school in 2019. He lives with a family of 4, his mother, brother and niece. The hardest time in his experience was 2017 when he lost his beloved father from due to a long period of sickness.
His love for literature started at a young age, but could not be developed earlier because of an undiscovered sickness he has, noted by short-blindnessness followed by a sharp constant headache. He still suffers from it since 2010. Music and literature has been his successful distraction, anf to him it still is a way to live...

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