Bongiswa Gamedze Quotes

The earth as a whole, though not a dream within a dream, Cannot allow man to feel life as a cream. But with wisdom said and wisdom heard, he takes; A hope much living will make a dream much awake.

Life is like a box of pizza; You really don't know what's in it but you're hoping for the best.

Power never defeated nor protected anybody; it's an act of courage and fear, nothing else.

He came forth of the people, got to the stage, and did his best... The people didn't laugh; they saluted.

Substitution of competition makes good production.

We turn back: Not because of fear, But because we have nowhere else to go.

Loving someone who loves someone else may be the greatest of human sufferings.

We see and we write, we touch and we write, we feel and we write... our therapy our literature, our life.

Whoever thought of writing the first love poem, and whoever thought of praising Jehovah with a song; had a point on how to live a pure and noble life.

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