(Based and in memory of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Serbia and his wife Sophie, who were assassinated in Franz-Josef-Street, Sarajevo; 28 June 1914.)

It all happened on 28 June on a Sunday
When a beautiful day turned to dust.
It all happened on a sunny day
When the sunshine had to last.

I was in the crowd, we flooded the streets
With happiness to see the cars appear.
I didn't notice the six men, I would've fleed
But I was late when sorrow was all I could hear.

I was happy when four large cars came to sight
and I saw the Archduke in a green open-topped car.
But clearly the young man beside me was meant to fight,
I saw him take out a bomb, how I wished I was far.

He gave me a fright when he swallowed his poison.
I almost followed him when he jumped into the river.
I knew Cabrinovic, he feared prison
All he cared for gold and silver.

The Archduke escaped and drove to 'Town Hall'
The other assassins heard the explosion and thought he was dead;
Except for the young one Princip, I feared them all–
Well, no one could've thought of him doing something bad.

The Archduke tutned to Franz-Josef-Street, and made a mistake,
But it was late when the driver started to reverse...
Princip saw nothing but an afvantage to take–
The driver knew he wouldn't miss, but it was a bullet he wouldn't diverge.

A pistol cracked, he fired a shot,
No chance to skeddadle, he fired the Archduke's neck.
In the nick of time; a second shot,
Hit Sophie's stomach and pierced to the back.

'Sophie please don't die for the sake of our kids.'
Those were the Archduke's final words to say.
After fifteen minutes they died, Princip siezed,
But did he get away with it— Nay.

All the plotters were eventually caught
And Princip died in jail, an early grave...
He didn't give up, all he fought:
What a nincompoop thus brave.