Flirtation, what is flirtation?
Flirtation, I know not what.
Flirtation, what is flirtation?
Ah! How can I tell you that.

But when she smiles I see its wiles,
And when she walks but why.
And when she talks my heart beguile
It flies and falls and lives and die

And then her eyes become romantic
The sun so small the moon gigantic.
When tears of joy are painted red
While she awaits me on my bed.

Teasing each other with sexy jokes
Playing and rolling under the great oaks.
Selfies and posts they flow anew;
Simply captioned, "love-you/">I love you."

Seeing love in every drop of rain,
Tasting love in ev'ry flake of snow that falls.
In every star that shines but why—
Seeing love, tasting love in it all.