He came down the walk, a sheep they say,
With eyes so loving, with sympathy.
And how sweet he talks, a sheep they know,
A heart so loving, oh empathy...

Empathy of mine - Oh empathy,
He breathes wreath vigorously.
Dripping, snarling , heavily,
He will not show them sympathy.

But who will me believe, who will do,
For he came with help when all were blue.
He makes them laugh he gives them joy,
The kindness of an infant boy.

And one that with a heart as his
Once laughed and ate for more a day
With Jesus Christ the one true king.
The one that later he betrayed.

Sheds his skin for them to see
But no one does apparently.
And love is blind I had to say:
But that's what jealousy too would say.

'Shed the skin and you will see
A heart too dark for empathy...'
And love is blind I had to tell:
But that's the sound of jealousy.

He loves them that they think they know,
But all men kill the thing they love:
Cain with a stone and Saul with a spear...
Buried him to the ground and who will find him there.
And all men kill the thing they love:
Samson with bare hands, Judas with a kiss...
But who will warn them say;
Something is amiss.