Dear Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Here alone it makes me feel badA
Mostly when i keep thinking about the plans we had sadA
My heart is broken no craft maker would even fix itB
Am devastatedC
Shouldn't have left early that morningD
we had a lot to accomplish rememberE
Damn I selfishly took this lane alone bad driverE
Too late to turn back i jumped and fall back sky diverE
Here i am six feet downF
Time won't allow us to see each other very soonG
But the night you will sit on the verandahC
Trying listening to the cricket tuneG
I want you to grow the wingsH
That should fly the sadness far awayI
Because sadness also accumulate inside my heartC
Whenever tears wets your beautiful faceJ
Taking away all your happy momentsK
It wasn't my fault that i choose death over youL
Neither it was yoursM
Only his majesty's love is what brought me hereN
My DEAR will you do me a favorE
From now onwards stand on your feet with them prayersO
I want you to pray for a better lifeP
Ask the creator to grant you with a blissfully healthQ
That should help you to look after the childrenR
Brenda wherever you shall beS
I want you to know that i still love youL
Send my blessings to all our childrenR
Whenever you feel being left aloneT
Remember you have those children and relativesU
Cherish themV
Care for themV
They are your blessingsH
Until we met againW

Blessings Mitembo
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/28/2019


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