it has been more than five decades since we got our liberial government!
We have come so far as a nation,
But there is still a long way to go.
I can see the future is bright but somehow my vision is blurry.
I cannot see clearly.
The hatred we have for one another makes things scary!
Why do we judge people with disability and keep them locked in the closet?
Why do we treat them as if they are different from us?
Yes she is visually impaired!
Yes he has a hearing problem!
But does that determine their failure?
Impairment and failure are different things, if you look closely.
Why don’t we treat people with disability as we want to be treated,
Instead of treating them like they don’t belong?
I pray that their suffering won’t be long.
I have seen the differences,
And I have had my preferences.
But it is time we changed our mindset and face our difficulties.
We are all images of God.
And so let us help and love one another.