"lup - lup - dup"

That's the sound of a heartbeat of a broken heart.
Someone in need of an open heart,
You are an animal, i know you make owns choices.
But i can't imagine to loose you like a tight jean.
Through all the stress, am messing with,
Somebody you are beautiful.
Can you see how your are confusing me?
Either you love me or using me,
You should understand am not a mind reader,
Either way, you will end up losing me.
Stupid me, i ignored the signs.
Should have stopped, or at least slowed down.
I swiftly passed, forward ever!
Couldn't see it.

Love is blind, they guessed right.
Love is like a roller breaking when you are next in line.
It's like you wait, and you wait,
but never get to your turn.
l mean,
it takes you for a practice,
but you never learn.
I can't keep on fighting for love that doesn't exist.
Because it's impossible to venture through a closed door.
If you don't want to let this soul in,
You should LET ME KNOW.