I can see you smiling like a morning sun,
Your cheeks bouncing like a new born,
Your dimples appearing like no bones,
I mean bones of your face are absent,
Only flesh and skin therein,
Then white teeth below,
Simple and gorgeous face you have,
Please don't mulch it with sadness,
Always depict it with happiness.

Please don't go and leave me alone,
A world without you is a prison,
Allow me to feel the warm of your words,Let me try to approve my words,
You're the single stake I can hold,
The stake that can prevent me to fall,
To fall before my enemies' hole.

As a teen getting Eigh-18-teen,
A bird of romance roasted in my tin,
Frozen heart now became thin,
Rays rotating and beaming green,
Roses as well wishes notes written green,
Moderate feelings all over our hearts,
Well wishes notes pasted on our hats,
Revealing to others, gimmick their hearts.