And if I don't have you under this sky,
Just find peace wherever you go,
You know I can't watch someone else love you,
But what can I do if I can't promise you more,
Feels like I got you when you're sure that I love you,
But the bond reassured that it'll finally wear off,
Where else could I find you,
There's no any other copy of us two,
The sad truth is that the journey to the end is about to set off,
So for the few memories that I gave you,
It's up to you to embrace or dispose,
How I wish you could put yourself in my shoe,
Maybe you could find out it's too painful to disclose,
And as for you,
There's no explanation that would satisfy my soul,
What they said is true,
After our youth stage we have to set our hearts to default,
I know pretty well that you'd try to,
But the devil just broke loose,
So the only option is to just let you go,
For the fact that we both knew,
And destiny is not for us to choose,
None of us has the guts to say no,
At gun point still I'd acknowledge you,
For how much you tried to give me more than silver and gold,