Love, I'm here for you and I'll be there for you,
My eyes long for you and my heart beats for you,
I'd never be speechless because my last word is "I love you"
If they ask me Who?It's you and will always be you,
Your eyes give me the whisper,"Love's for us two"
If love is blind let me fall in your trap,
Make my mind your home,visit me in every nap,
Create a wall fence for yourself with hundreds of snaps,
When I was thirsty in love,you became my well,
Quenched my heart and into you I fell,
Let me be your nurse for my passion is treating you well,
My love,my confidant and my inseparable companion,
You're the only one I'll put my feelings on,
If you can't be my goddess be my Queen,conquer this love,
Tap every sweet word from me, I'm all yours my love,