You're so fine,one of a kind,
I swear my first encounter with you blew up my mind,
I'm so glad I found someone to share something with,
You've earned my trust,I would believe anything from you even myths,
Being close to you is a blessing,
Indeed you're really amazing,
You enchant me with everything you say,
Every conversation of yours makes my day,
What else can I call you, would you please tell me?
Everything about me you referred to it as "we"
Day by day I see you getting more close,
When the others call you a tiny grass to me you are a rose,
You're like an oasis in the dessert,rare to be seen,
I know you can't be perfect but your soul is clean,
I'm sure the ancient poetry would be jealous of your voice,
Trust me,it's pleasant even when you make some noise,
Spending time describing this beautiful soul has become my weakness,
The papers,pens and inks can bare me witness,
Your words describe the inner beauty of you,
You could be my Cinderella for your foot fits the shoe,