I have alot of questions that I don't know who to ask,
Why's everyone different,the whole world is on a mask,
Whom do I trust,is that really my task?
How do I know who's real and who's fake?
How was Eve related to the Snake?
Which relation is bad and vital to make?
Why's the world fair at the same time mean,
We tend to be nice but our best side is unseen,
The believers are more poor,What does that mean?
The righteous and their lives don't match,
We count our hens before they hatch,
Oooh,Maybe I think too much,
What's the point of living this life?
Everyone we trust holds a secret Knife,
Every place we step there must be an enemy,
What the religion teaches is different from the Academy,
What the most blessed lyricists compose is blasphemy,
I wonder who is the giver of the talent,
Why does he allow man to behave like a serpent,
Confuse his brain with a useless gadget,