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  • Ian Chronicles 1
    Damn! Life! Life! Life! Life!
    What did you want of me,ever wanted me to strive?
    All those pathetic conditions you offered me,were they meant for me to survive?
    I just want the reason why you brought me into this world, ...
  • Mrs Right
    For the first time in life,I lack power to resist,
    There's no need to lie, truly Angels exist,
    I've seen many faces but no one be's like her,
    Her touches are smooth and soothing like fur, ...
  • Extrinsic Feelings
    There's that point in life when you hate love and love hate,
    When you feel everyone around you is fake,
    And that goosebump feeling turns into sweat,
    Affection is like a flower, it nourishes and then fade, ...
  • Final Departure
    Sometimes I try to figure out about the last days,
    We never know who's the first to go and who stays,
    I might be here today but won't exist always,
    I try to imagine what will happen when I'm gone, ...
  • The Mystery Of Life
    I have alot of questions that I don't know who to ask,
    Why's everyone different,the whole world is on a mask,
    Whom do I trust,is that really my task?
    How do I know who's real and who's fake? ...
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  • Nothing done is something done provided that something is considered nothing
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