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  • Intentions
    What if I say,
    That I want to be close to you at least once a day,
    Not everyday but until your kingdom comes anyway,
    Me and you story telling till they say you're my bae, ...
  • Pain's Kingdom
    I'm getting the heat intensity,
    Oops,this isn't hell,
    All the devils are'nt around,
    The chains are melting this time round, ...
  • Bambi
    You're so fine,one of a kind,
    I swear my first encounter with you blew up my mind,
    I'm so glad I found someone to share something with,
    You've earned my trust,I would believe anything from you even myths, ...
  • Ian Chronicles 2
    I'm still the same guy with endless questions,
    Why do we have hopes,wishes and dreams that lack revelations,
    Living in worry like a prey and life full of deadly predations,
    Before I get deep Lord,I have a short prayer, ...
  • Ian Chronicles 1
    Damn! Life! Life! Life! Life!
    What did you want of me,ever wanted me to strive?
    All those pathetic conditions you offered me,were they meant for me to survive?
    I just want the reason why you brought me into this world, ...
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  • Nothing done is something done provided that something is considered nothing
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