Why is it that everything we touch turns into fate,
We give out love but get back hate,
Everything we dream of seems hard to get,
Even the friends we trust discuss us like debates,
From one betrayal to another,
One heartbreak to the other,
The people holding our hearts don't even bother,
Feels like the world ain't loyal except a mother,
Why's it that I can't get answers to my questions,why?
It's like religion is a scam everything is a lie,
Why do we have hopes then end up to cry,
The scriptures say at the end of the tunnel there's light,
But seems I got a long way to go or maybe I lack sight,
Unlike animals we beings live to fight,
I still have these endless questions,
Why do we live the saddest part of life full of depressions,
While we watch others get their impressions,
Why is life not fair,
Everything is messed up everywhere,
The family we depend on is on despair,
Atleast once Lord,show that you care,
Perfect my dreams take away the nightmares,