Today,I am tired of his hands
He used them to hurt me
I tried to calm his anger
But each time I failed miserably
Hoping that things will get better
It felt as my soul was shattered
And He act regretted
Told me how much he loves me
And he will torn me no more
Over and over again

Battered and bruised
I hid the scars on my face
He watched me like a hawk
And whispered warnings to my ears
I was alone,only God knew
The trials I went through
I am broken that my son had to see
What he kept doing to me

He bought for me
Everything that my heart desires
But I felt poor
In front of my sisters
All I wanted was freedom
And to cry no more
Away from his claws
Hoping he will sign to divorce

It is enough
I want to be free
And I stopped hiding
My cry to freedom
For he truly did not love me
And I know I will grow stronger
Today,I am tired of his hands
And he will use them no longer