In a world filled with darkness
He came as the Light
The fate of man were disastrous
But His love for humankind shone bright

Chin up,My brother
For I shall rebuilt and restore
The deeds of your past
I shall judge no more

Your success gives me pleasure
In my sight,you're a worthy treasure
I wrote down the Lord's number
Calling him knowing He shall never slumber

Resurrected and send his Dove
To guide us and bind us with love
With endless gratitude I shall proclaim His name
The trumpets of heaven blare the same

The royals in His Kingdom shed no tear
They walk freely without any fear
I wish to enter His gates of peace
Forever to live without any disease

But my faith should be like a hymn
And my heart as pure
So I'm writing a tribute to the King
In the hope that I shall endure