Who is Waylin Van Wyk

Global Citizen Head student of Bethelsdorp Comprehensive School 2020 Spelling Champion South African teenage activist ...
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Waylin Van Wyk Poems

  • Language Of Poetry
    Words struggle to get out of my mouth
    I do not know why
    Is it because of fear
    Or the fact that I’m shy ...
  • Daddy
    There is someone who I wish
    Who could hold me dearly
    The memories I had with him were rich
    His spirit is always near me ...
  • I Stand Tall
    No mountains are too big
    For me to climb
    No oceans are too deep
    For me to dive in ...
  • Lonely
    They say no man is an island
    But what about me?
    The four corners are silent
    Isolation is killing me ...
  • I Can't Breathe
    his knee down on my neck
    is it because I’m black?
    I felt the weight of oppression
    suffocating me ...
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