I used to walk through shadows, lost in the night
In the darkness, searching for glimpse of light
Battling demons, fighting blurry fights
But I found the strength to rise, like a phoenix taking flight
In the abyss of despair, where hope was rare
I saw a flicker of light, cutting through the air
No more chains, no more despair
I broke through the darkness, breathing in the fresh air
Stumbling in the dark, but I still found my stride
In the symphony of chaos, I found my guide
No more hiding, no need to subside
I broke through that emptiness, now watch me glide
The pain was real, but so was the will
To rise from the ashes, to climb the hill
In the darkest moments, I found the skill
I found my purpose and now I fulfill
Out of the dimness into the light
I found my way, I took back my sight
From the depth I emerged so bright
A conqueror, yes I won the fight.