I am living on the run , under the city lights
In the shadows, dodging sirens every single night
In my life, every step has been a gamble
In this concrete jungle, where the streets are the preamble
I am running from the past , like a ghost in the mist
Every choice I made, got me on this twisted twist
No time for regrets, in this life of survival
Chasing dreams, but the streets have no revival
From the neon signs to the graffiti on the walls
I am the fugitive poet, hearing my country’s calls
No time for roots, because I am chasing the wind
In this game of survival, where every move is pinned
No sleep for the restless, no peace for the hunted
In this cold wilderness, where dreams are confronted
But I keep moving forward, no looking back
On this journey of shadows, where the stories are rife
In this crazy life, carving my own life
Living on the edge, where the danger’s the norm
The cover of my life, every sunrise is a storm
Every alley, every rooftop, is a stage
This is my life, I am rewriting a new page