Lullabies of Old nights
Still ring in my ears
Memories of my purchase
Still hurt like tears
The pulse of your wrist still felt
A dream came true, now lost in this nightmare.

Backbone of your virtues and priorities
Well rated I was like African spices
At present you walk without care
Hitting walls, breaking me to slices
My ticking noise never salivate you at noon
My alarm never wakes you up at sunrise!

Indeed! Jewels, rings and piercings
Replaced your passion
Eyes, happy tears and breath
With new chemistry of fashion
Pushing away victory of wars we won
Scratches and wounds I bear for you.

Are you still blinded?
Or soaked in a river of beads
Felt the absence of your eyes
Inclination and good deeds
The energy inside your resilience
Off to no avail! Ticking slow and slow.