Living in a day darkness
Under prolonged bondage
That never cease to elapse;
Knees of scavengers against our pigment
Chocking our necks like George Floyd.

Above their subtle war on us
Yet the voice of Shaka Zulu
Calls me to march for miles
To appease his spirit
Throwing invisible spears to free my folks.

On the veranda of optimism
I lay my eye on resurrection of Lumumba
Whose body died not his soul
As we still see his tree growing
So sad Mfumu and Zinduna refuse the fruit.

Century by century
Still crafting cold missiles against us
Failing to end us all
Taking us for a village
Knowing not we are a continent.

Fiercely we fight and procreate
Map, Draft and Build
Just to win and raising the flag
For we are another version of mankind
Drums of Alkebulan Titans shall forever beat.