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Symon Maguru is a Poet, Journalist, Author and Singer-songwriter From Malawi born in Blantyre City on 19th February 1998. He realized his potential when he was in secondary school in 2014, two years later in college he gained recognition with his poem "When the sunrises." Passing through a tough time, having no support from local newspapers, the journey prolonged. Symon Maguru's Poetry captures his experiences in life, culture, religion, national affairs and matters of global interest. Maguru has worked with Better than Starbucks poetry magazine in 2020 and his poems were published in their bi-monthly Journals from January to May. Throughout his written poetry career, he is driven by zeal to make traditional poetry rise again, learning from Malawian Poetry legends like James David Rubad...
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Symon Maguru Poems

  • The Bleeding Wrist Watch
    Lullabies of Old nights
    Still ring in my ears
    Memories of my purchase
    Still hurt like tears ...
  • Unpreached Manuscripts
    Sons and Daughters of dark soil
    Pay attention to my rhythm
    It seems out of codes, rounding like a coil
    Pointless like gibberish ...
  • Mirroring Tears
    On an expedition,
    He landed on the world of all extremes;
    Right and wrong,
    Sent to all souls, with no regard ...
  • Living Hour Glass
    Friday was a day you were molded
    Arguments befell not.
    As I preached about you they folded
    Arms shocked in amazement ...
  • Mulhopwana Behind Curtains
    To the peak of my melody
    In Matowi tree, I whistle
    Calming my bitterness with sweetness
    Twisted in my thoughts ...
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John Sam: keep it 100 broga

Pania: What topic was memorable euphoria
Sothini Phiri: Keep the Fire Burning.

Alex Mandaaliza: Nice work brother. Keep the levels rising

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