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Body 2 Majesty 2 Touch 1 Glimpse 1 Ghost 1 Triumph 1 Game 1 Jack 1 Creative 1 Throat 1

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John Sam: keep it 100 broga

Pania: What topic was memorable euphoria
Sothini Phiri: Keep the Fire Burning.

Alex Mandaaliza: Nice work brother. Keep the levels rising

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Robert Browning Poem
From 'Pauline'
 by Robert Browning

O God, where does this tend-these struggling aims?
What would I have? What is this -sleep-, which seems
To bound all? can there be a -waking- point
Of crowning life? The soul would never rule-
It would be first in all things-it would have
Its utmost pleasure filled,-but that complete
Commanding for commanding sickens it.
The last point I can trace is, rest beneath

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