Scattered and desolate in between three stones
Angrily whipped by winds, flying like dust residuals
Torn to powder and countless for my untraceable pieces
Wistful beyond detection
On days I contributed to the circle of life.

Left burning hard above recognition
Children, ants and cats turn me into a lounge
Now the trash bin has turned out a new companion
Freezing nights as my new blanket
Stars and dark clouds are my new lullaby.

In a dessert of Memories
Hits me to the core and my tears bleed
For every dog has its day then what about ashes?
Do we deserve the fate of end products?
Chains of brokenness whipping my wounds like methylated spirit.

Beyond hallucinations of the universe
Calls of nature knocking on my dustbin
Pleading to make me liable again at one breathe of life
Challenging all monsters against my progress
To never end the term of my heroism.

Now I know how sweet whistling winds are
As the breeze makes me happy than mild summer;
Down in the ground sprouting bores me
Even though anticipation takes ages
One day I’ll sing rhythms of wood in the wilderness.