When life gives you,
Freedom to fly freely in the open sky,
Then spread your wings without any shy!
A chance to change,
Then be the change!

When life gives you,
Happiness you wished for a long time,
Share it with others who haven't seen it's sign!
Success you worked hard to earn ,
Then with that be someone's sun!!

When life gives you,
A choice to be kind or to be right,
Choose kind to change someone's sight!
A choice to be a betrayer or to be wrong,
Choose wrong for you know to whom you belong!!

When life gives you,
Choice between living with others or leaving 'em,
Choose living with others 'cause you never your end!
A chance to meet your old comrades,
Then never leave it to bring your old days!!

When life gives you,
Heartbreak,torments,stress and depression,
Hold them firmly and turn yourself into a champion!
Failures, rejections , struggles and fake face,
Learn them to handle not leaving any trace!!

When life gives you,
A chance to keep others' sadness at bay,
Don't miss it for you don't know your last good bye!
More than you wished ,
Then share with those in need!!