"We don't know whether we'll meet,
Again to embrace each other and greet!"
She said with a thrilling tone ,
But I couldn't understand what she shown!!

"The world's gonna end with this pandemic,
We don't know how we'll survive,"
We both were horripilated by these never ending waves,
But she was more saddened on seeing the graves!!

She didn't describe what she's going through,
'Cause it's a hard time nevertheless we'd to move!
"Some parents lost their son and some their daughter,
A family was devastated with ailing mother and father"!!

Someone was grieving on grandpa and grandma's death,
And someone was losing all the faith!
We're discussing these considering current situation,
But were unable to do anything for our nation!

"Hey! Will we be able to see those birds flying,
And the sky with sunrise and stars sparkling?"
She asked with tears in her eyes,
To which I uttered "Of course we'll win and rise"!!

I didn't know that was our last phone call,
I was oblivious to my fall!
She bid me the last good bye,
Without informing she's gonna die!!

She's taking her breath without losing faith,
But didn't know she's gonna be under wreath!
I was hopeful 'bout her recuperation,
Unfortunately she succumbed to this devastation!