Wakin' up every other morning not knowing 'bout 'em,
Still we move forward to seek and get!
Don't know whether we'll win or lose,
Moreover being oblivious to the woes!!

We just continue going ahead of the failures,
Might be a futile try but we make ourselves assured!
Didn't we all become winners continuing like this?
'Cause without despairing we all are surviving with bliss!!

Ditched and betrayed by the closed ones unexpectedly,
Still we move forward carrying our broken heart firmly!
Didn't we all become winners defeating our pain?
As we made ourselves powerful to be remained!!

Crying amid the night with pillow knowing our pain,
We muster up the courage to face the next day!
Didn't we become winners hiding our fret?
To make others happy from that we get!!

Nevertheless we haul facing the problems,
And forgetting those we wonder 'bout our success!
Didn't we become winners for a while?
'Cause we all are fighting our battle from time to time!!

Winning doesn't mean to be in first position,
Rather it's the feeling we get from something done!
We all are winners of our own battle we fought,
'Cause we all are strong and don't give up!!